I can't read my NFC Type 2 (ISO14443A)


It’s maybe a newbie question but i have received tomorrow my cyborg kit and i have a problem to read (and write…) my NFC implant.

In the kit i have the “Dangerous KBR1 RFID Reader” and somes test card. I have try the “Dangerous KBR1 RFID Reader” and i can perfectly read the test card, same thing with the android application “NFC tools PRO”.

But i can’t read my implant with the “Dangerous KBR1 RFID Reader” or my phone application.

A flashing led appareat inside the implan but nothing else appends.

Does i miss a setup process ?

Thanks a lot for your replies.


Currently Dangerous Things does not sell implants with LEDs.

The xLED is in a glass tube similar to an implant, but it has no RFID chip in it so you cannot read it with any reader and should not be implanted. The xLED was designed as a tool to give you a visual representation of what the reader field strength is… This allows you to find the position and orientation that allows a real implant to best couple with the reader.

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Can you confirm which model implant you’ve got?

Shame on me, i was thinking the xled was the implant…

Thanks for yours reply

The xLED isn’t installed in your skin is it?

No i was try to write into the implant befort insert it

The xLED is not made for implantation.

If you bought an xNT, It is not possible to write to the implant prior to installation.

It comes preloaded in the injector assembly. Do not remove the injector from the sterile packaging and do not remove the implant from the needle. It should only be opened by the body modification specialist that will be installing it.

I have implant the (right) NFC today.

All is good and i’ts working well.

A interesting experience.

Thanks for your help guys !