I can't see my Blinky Blink, Ideas?

Forgive me, if this has been answered before, but I have two blinkie blinks and I mostly use the one on the top of my hand about an inch from my magnet, and it works amazing my blue one! Fun, although I often wish it was a neXt blinkieeee!!! I’d install something monstrously huge in a injection assembly! Lol! Anyways, so I have another one close to the skin in my forearm but it just doesn’t blink. It did at first (never very bright) and it’s well past healed and I can feel it and it scans perfectly but it just doesn’t blink! After it was healed, it would blink, but barely and later there’s notta. I haven’t used very much to be honest it was a shortcut to my best friend texting on signal and then I got depressed and stop messaging anyone :pleading_face::scream::smiling_face_with_tear::face_exhaling: so I went about half a year without using it. Now it’s not blinking at all but it’s actually reading better than it ever did before :sweat_smile:

My business card blue blinkie still works perfectly, although I barely use it, but I am happy to announce that the amazing spreadsheet that amal made means that I will be able to access my room via smart lock without the bfs autistic 6-year-old getting into it thx to my neXt hF side… and use the other chips for hidden storage areas (hidden shelf storage in the works thx to the spread sheet :heart_eyes:). Seriously that spreadsheet is awesome. I found a door lock and added my neXt to it in under two minutes including sign up!

It was $230 US on the Amazon website and I switched Thanks to the Canadian website and it was $130 CAD (under half) on a lightning deal. I feel like it was total synchronicity. :smile:

Especially because it was 2 AM!

Chips are a lifesaver when it comes to Wiley children!

Any idea why my blinkie blink wouldn’t be strong in the first place and then would stop working? I know it’s not in an ideal location, but it feels close enough to the skin and my skin is almost transparent as it is :sweat_smile: I cant tannnnn

Also, I want to add this in here in case I would be searching, but I don’t wanna make a separate post if you have thin or sensitive skin as amazing as it is to have a magnet along your metacarpal underneath the pinky, my skin does bruise from sticking screws on there when working on DIY stuff! I love it I just think I have really thin and sensitive skin. To this day it’s still bruises when I put stuff on it, but I don’t regret it at all and the bruises don’t hurt, but it is visible. If I was to go with another magnet, I would do the titan, and I would put it in my fingertip where the skin is a lot thicker. I also have a magnet in my web between my thumb and my index finger. I was hoping to maybe feel some sensitivity with magnetic fields, but that hasn’t happened although it does have a slight magnetic effect which is super fun when people have no idea what’s going on when stuff sticks to my hands :smile:

Every time people find out, I have chips in my hand they are absolutely terrified, which is crazy to me because it’s so cool :heart_eyes: I feel really lucky to have this website and support group to be a crazy cyber punk with before everyone goes from lgbtq to octopus & genetically modified cat/octopus people…

I don’t wanna come off like I am not appreciative. I don’t regret a single one of my implants. I am so happy with everything that I’ve done opening my computer with my hand has been an amazing blessing because my boyfriend is super snoopy and I don’t have time to go through my 1,5000,000 photos i imported over the last decade from icloud which include ex-boyfriends. I can probably thank Amal for saving my relationship. Before I got the dangerous things reader, and set up security for my computer anytime I would leave the room for long enough my bf would SNOOP! I would come back and he would be going through my photos. Since I’ve got that extra security using that false keyboard, he hasn’t even bothered. It is a super blessing!!! I have nothing to hide, but who wants to go through every single photo they’ve ever taken and delete every evidence of their ex? Noooo ty!

Anyways, here is a cool screenshot of my chip in the back of my hand, working amazingly :sweat_smile: lonnnnggg after installation!

I’m deeply considering getting my debit card bio coated so I can have it in my hand! I’m so grateful for this website and to be part of the future I feel like once artificial intelligence takes hold. This is all gonna go crazy, and amal & the dangerous things staff will be seen as a true pioneers :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Dead Led or maybe its pointing down and is installed quite deep but even if it was that faint you would still be able to make it out in the dark with a Flipper or Zinc. So probably the LED is dead which would qualify for a warranty I believe.
It being dead would also explain why it reads better now since the LED is not draining part of the power


Arms tend to have a thicker fat layer between muscle and dermis than hands do, so it’s possible it’s just blocked.


have you tried manipulating the chip closer to the surface of your skin yet? Like @Az_F stated, it could be pointing in a bad direction. If it’s still mobile maybe you can massage it into a better position?

I’ll take a video when I get up. Its pretty close to the skin although I am a fatty :sweat_smile:

As you would have noticed, I just moved your posts from show of, to its own thread.
No issue with it, just because this is more of a support than a show off.

Feel free to share your flipper photo in show off though.

Also for what its worth, I think your lack of blinky issue is, as Amal said (blocked/ deep) and/or Az Said, “pointing down”
PROBABLY not a failed LED


Sorry about that! Thanks!

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