I have a question

I am now one of the future, I was wondering how ever is this normal (the 3 bumps) itches too

Not a doctor

My opinion:

The 3 bumps are likely just hives and the itchiness is not unusual.
Try a cold compress and keep an eye out for any inflammation/ infection.

My guess is, it should all settle down after a while ( your body dependant )

More importantly


What is your implant?


I’ve gotten these but only in conjunction with consistently high blood sugar… type 2 diabetes type blood sugar levels. Have you had yours checked?


Wow, from one end of the spectrum to the other, In this instance I hope I am right.

On the other hand, I hope Amal is correct and then you can write an Article :newspaper:
“How Amal and a subdermal implant saved my life…”

For your sake, I would still prefer it is only hives :honeybee: :honey_pot:


I’m on keto so that may have to do with it?

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I got the spark 2, but plan on getting a flex next once I find a place to “install” it lol

I’m new to this tbh, my brother jerrid bought the spark 2s and messaged me “hey I got chips find us someone” I’m like hmmmm sure called a nurse friend same day lol I realy want to do payments tho and I think the only way to do them is a flex…?

Yes. If you’re in the US, the only current option is the Purewrist conversion

Basically, you buy a Purewrist GO bracelet. The actual payment piece can be removed from the bracelet, and you then send that to Amal (after buying the Conversion Service). He then converts it into a flex device that can be implanted. All of the details are on that page.

However, Purewrist devices only last ~3 years before they expire. They essentially act as a prepaid debit card, you top them off from another account. After it expires, it will be essentially useless.

If you happen to be in the EU, there’s the Walletmor implant, which currently lasts 5 years before expiring.

The VivoKey Apex Flex is coming SOON™. It can in theory do payment implants, it has everything needed technologically, however, either Mastercard or Visa have to authorize it, which hasn’t happened yet. It’s unknown if they ever will, but AFAIK, talks are still ongoing. If they ever do, the “switch” can be flipped, and they can start making payments.


Any reason for this?
Not a bad choice, just It is currently under redesign, Do you have a specific use for the FlexNExT that a NExT implant won’t work for?

ie. do you have an actual use case for it?

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I’m wondering if there’s a missing comma in there, meaning get a flex, next, as in my next implant will be a flex?


That was my first thought also, but I thought I would ask anyway…
You’re most likely correct

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100% right my grammar is atrocious lol

Tbh I didn’t know about the lights those are cool. After reading a bit more however I may be waiting on a flex. I realy just want it to do payments. My brother had said something about magnetic implants and “feeling north” that sounds cool lol so that may be my next, implant instead. Lol

If you are considering payments then you will presumably be waiting for the Vivokey Apex. There are many “flex” implants which use a flexible flat format compared to the glass encapsulated ones.

As for magnets I believe the Titan is predominantly a sensing magnet. You can also get lifting magnets.

Any mistakes in the above are entirely mine and will be corrected shortly I am sure.