I have my implant 1 month and i wanne gym

So i have my implant 1 month took pre natal wound is healing pretty well the guy who dit the implant said dont gym for 3 months or dont go above 25 kg but i wanne gym so bad im loosing everything cant i rlly gym ???:pleading_face: what can happen


Has it healed up well?

I was doing stuff in the gym a week after I believe. If you have been healed up for a month, I would see no issue with it.

I would take it slow, and just be mindful of the implant when working out.


So i trained light weight and even just holding like a bar or dumbell the chip was under extreme pressure it was almost popping trough my skin its so weird to see um not confident about this tbh :frowning:

Do you have pictures?

everybody is different.

Listen to your body, and wait…or if you “have to”, find an alternative. (whilst using light weights)
ie rather than an arm curl, try a hammer curl.
Rather than bench press, try a narrow grip or decline press.
Or even better, go light on upper body and focus on you legs.

Start off light
Find some alternatives.
Take your pre-natals
Make your matchstick splints ( if you are putting pressure on that, it should be taking the brunt, so you should get some warning :warning: you are pushing it too hard.)

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