I have the xM1 ordered, but I am worried (xM1 vs flexM1)

Hello everyone,

I had ordered an xM1, which might be the last one avaliable on the planet lol, this week and it will arrive tomorrow.
I haven’t even thought about the flexM1 implant, because I already have a next and I thought that the flex implants are not as reliable, nor they are harder and more painful to install.

But in the past few days I read a lot about the glass xM1 and had seen many bad reviews that it works very bad. I am very concerned now that I had wasted ~250-300usd for nothing now and that I should cancel the installation, can someone comment on the whole thing? Maybe I can find a “everything is good” comment, so I wont be worried that much :frowning: Are there actually any cons at all with the glass chips?

P.s My usecase is cloning a dormitory card in my university, it is used EVERYWHERE here, so it would be very convenient to use it. The lock brand is “salto” if it helps and i managed to get a positive read with my card about this far (see pic) and a negative one with about twice as little distance with the next in my hand.
PSPS. WIll I be able to copy at all? (pm3 screenshots here)

Flex chips are bigger, so have bigger antennas and are easier to couple. But they are also harder to install (pain is subjective and depending on the flex shape it might be negligible difference to the glassie)

The glassies are easier to install but are smaller so they have smaller antennae and are harder to couple.

If you can get a reading with an xfd field detector or a next then you can probably get a reading with an xm1.

They are different HF chips and potentially different antennas though, plus the placement is not going to be identical so it probably isn’t quite as simple as that.

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100% what @zwack said.

His reccomendation of the xFD keyring to check is a good move.


What you most likely read was operator error and/or unrealistic expectations.

I have both, I have no complaints at all.

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I have a NeXT in L0 and a XM1 in L5?? (Knife edge of my left hand). The NExT is fairly easily read due to its position. The xM1 seems deeper (I can’t actually feel it) and has a much harder time reading. In fact I can’t get it to read on battery powered locks, but it reads on my Pixel 6 phone and on a DC 12v powered reader on my garage door.

So my suggestion is also think about placement. I would steer away from the meatier parts of the body if I was to install an X series again.

Other than that, I am very happy with both implants and will be getting more, particularly when the Apex comes out.

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I would install it in the typical (L0?) placement on my other hand

Thanks guys! (@Zwack)
I have checked it the keychain, it works OK.
Got myself an appointent to install it on monday. :grinning:


Not sure where the best place is to post this but I had 2 questions:

  1. Will the xM1 gen 1a be restocked?
  2. Will the flexM1 undergo any design changes based on the antenna changes made to the Apex Flex, flexDF2, etc?

Good enough

That’s an Amal question, but my observation is, It is a chip supply issue, they are a great wee implant, and If he can restock, I think he will.

I also can’t answer that, But what I can say is, I have the copper wire antenna on mine, and I have ZERO complaints, it is a great little performer

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Thanks for the input. I wouldn’t assume that the antenna is an issue but since the Apex and some other flex chips had the same initial design before being reworked I figured I should check. Don’t need it this minute so if it were to happen I would wait.


Any input regarding the restocking of the xM1 gen 1? Please and thank you

xM1 won’t likely be restocked. We are exploring building a new product, but there is no ETA for this yet.