I may be missing something

So, I’ve been looking about the forum and the website for some guidance on first steps following implantation.

As the topic, I may be totally unable to see the woods for the trees - can anyone point me in the right direction?

There is plenty of information on here and on the Dangerous things website, it really comes down to what you get implanted and what you are trying to achieve.
a good place to start is the FAQ.
Search for further info in the forum if you cant find it then ask questions, there are plenty of very knowledgeable and helpful people on here.
Good luck

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There sure is a lot of information. I’ve opted for the Ultron kit. First to be implanted will be the NExT. Have a couple of project ideas for that one. The Vivokey - most likely for more personal use.

It’s more to do with first steps following implantation.

I shall keep reading.

Ultron is a fantastic kit with all the tools to let you hit the ground running.
NExT a great choice, it covers your bases as it has both of the main Frequencies.
GENERALLY* (there is more to it and exceptions, BUT to get you started and filter out some of the overwhelming information.)
125kHz (low freq) is a good place to start for access. office, home etc. use you diagnostic tools to confirm. and field tester to find “the sweet spot” and your EM access controller to set up your own access project.
13.25MHz (High Freq) you will likely use for unlocking you phone and sharing business card etc.
unlocking your computer with the KBR1 Reader
Good luck

So… quick update.

Implant went well, for being self installed.

The majority of the time I’ve been using my mobile (Honor Play) and getting readings with little problems. Over the first 3 days - I had to take my phone out the case to get a reading - now any inflammation has reduced the NExT reads without taking the cover off.

I’ve been researching both Raspberry Pi and Arduino based reading and writing - does anyone know if DT has a repository for code? Wondering if it would be a good move going forward?

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Check the PN532 product. On the product page there are links for basic Arduino code.

I have and it was a great start.

So far I’ve only tested writing using cheap tags. Keep getting the fear over locking my NExT. Ha ha ha.

Use the Dangerous NFC app on Android. It will set lock bits on the chip so that you can’t put it in read only or mess it up too bad.

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ok, you have the NExT…

Actually, we learned our lesson here… the NExT is already locked and protected with a default password of DNGR (0x44 0x43 0x47 0x52).

So in short, you can’t… it’s already protected :slight_smile:

Woah, TIL. Pretty cool.