I need some help with brute forcing an EM4x50

For the client is has a whole bunsh of info and the frimware just says PM3 generic. Not sure if i’m looking at the right place.

looks like a client mismatch… client section says 4.13441-252 and firmware says 4.9237-2027

pull down the latest and recompile and push firmware update and it should sort itself out

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Do you have a tutorial for that somewhere? i’m completely new to all of this and the last time i just tried to do something without knowing what i was doing didn’t go the best.

What OS are you on?

windows 10

Ok, good, there’s a good walk-through for Windows here: Getting started with the proxmark3 easy

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If you followed the instructions given above to install proxspace you can skip a lot of it…

Go into proxspace and change directory to Proxmark3 and run git pull that will update your code version. Then you can skip down to the make clean && make all and continue from there.

That will update both your client and your firmware to the latest version.

i followed the tutorial and ran the runme64.bat file. it didn’t take that long and the showed the “PM3” text. for some reason i closed the window instead of pressing CTRL + C and now it won’t open again. it only whows some text for a second and then closes.(see pic) this might have something to do with that fact that i ran this already when fuckng around and trying to set it up earlier. do you know if ther’s a way to just completely start from scratch like resetting to factory settings?

It looks like it’s trying to run a bash script for some reason. That’s the Linux equivalent to a bat file. Are you opening the right thing?

i think so. i’m running the runme64 file and as file type it says: “Windows-batchfile”

It looks like you should be running the file in ProxSpace and you’re running it in a cmd window. I mostly work on MacOS so I’m just kind of guessing at this point.

it opens the cmd on it’s own. as far as i know that’s correct. When it semi worked it was also in the cmd window

best practice i think is to start a new install following the guide linked above… i would put proxspace at c:\ root folder to be sure no long path issues come into play.

ok. i’ll try that in an hour or two. i have to do something else now

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I just tried it. Deleted anything i could find that had to do with the proxmark and started from there. when i run the runme64 file it does something and ends up with the green PM3 text instead of what the tutorial shows. And when i press CTRL + C it shows " ^C " and does nothing after. and entering the gut clone… command returns: “bash: git: command not found”

yeah it doesn’t like that, try right click on your mouse instead

i’m not trying to paste. the tutorial says to press CRTL + C after running runme64.
and right click doesn’t do anything either.

ok so… where did you end up putting proxspace ? I’ve only ever seen this kind of problem with long paths involved.

I put it in C:\ just like you recommended. It’s in the same folder as: Users, Progam Files, Programfiles (x86) and Windows (Dutch)

There is something else going on there. When you are running the batch file you are getting lots of error messages about pacman not being found. My guess is that you have another mingw64 environment already set up and it is trying to use that for some reason, but that is set up in an incompatible way. Or the proxspace release is now broken.

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