I plan on joining the world of biohacking but i have a feeling my age will be a problem

I’m a young teen and I wan’t to join the world of biohacking.
Do any of you have a idea of a good magnet for a beginner that isn’t extremely pricey but not too shitty too?

I mean, you really shouldn’t look for cheap things. I would suggest best quality or nothing. And except xG3 (got 1) non sensing magnet I can’t recommend anything. Maybe Haworths, but I am still not sure and I am waiting myself for better options.



What’s your definition of pricey, like is $50 too much? You can approach the partners on the map and some of them will just have magnets lying around that are parylene or silicone coated, but they’re going to be like $50 plus the installation cost because they buy them in huge bulk orders and divvy them up through networks of bodymod artists.

I know at least my bodymod guy in Pennsylvania will do installations for people younger than 18 with their parent’s consent, because he knows they’re going to do it either way and he’d rather help them do it right.

  1. At least try and get someone to help you, please don’t do an install alone your first time.

  2. Please don’t buy a shitty TiN coated magnet from like supermagnetman or another online supplier. 9/10 the coating is compromised when you receive it because they’re “not made for implantation”. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is :wink:

Final note: I’m sure you’re aware of this, but getting stabbed in the fingertip sucks. If you want a sensing magnet, you have to put it where the nerves are and it hurts like few other things. Just make sure you’re ready for that. At least it’s quick.


not to be a downer, but please wait till you’re an adult (or at least a bit older) to do something like this. you’d be making permanent changes to your body, and you don’t wanna do something you may regret.

additionally, magnet implants are harder to do than just RFID injections. they are something you’d definitely wanna go to a professional for, and it (probably) won’t be possible to find a capable surgeon or piercer that would do it for someone that young.


Great advice already… I’d add that you may want to start with RFID. Buy one here and it’s going to be more useful and have a more proven safety record than a fingertip magnet. That may also make it an easier pitch to your parents and installer too. You can always add a magnet, or anything else, later on.

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A couple of questions for you @Youngster !
What is your actual age?
Do your parent(s)/guardian(s) know of your intentions?
Are they supportive of it?
Why a magnet? What do you want to do with it?
What are you trying to achieve?
This forum has a lot of great information and advice. I see you have done… very little of that research on here.
What sort if research have you done?

Here is MY stance,
Age is “irrelevant” when it comes to chronological age, so if you are old enough to research, and analyse, weigh up the pros and cons and make an informed decision, that will go a long way for me to decide what advice to give you.

Next, without your parent/ guardians support or if they are uninformed, I would want to know why. (“because they would say NO”, “they just wouldn’t understand” “they are super religious” “they dont think I am old enough”)
If they fully support your, then I will also.

You could of course, not be honest about that, just to get my/our help, where I would say, I would help you anyway.

If you are going to do it regardless of what anybody else says, (I would have at your age) I would prefer you did it fully informed with accurate information.

If you answer the questions that you have so far been asked above, we can at least point you towards some relevant threads to do some research.
I would recommend if this is what you really want, then get you parent etc. onboard, get them excited for you, get their support, read through the documentation together.
I would suggest you start with the
DT info
and maybe the WIKI - Becoming a cyborg

Will hear from you soon and Happy reading


implants aren’t generally permanent, even the anti-migration coatings.

Technically nothing is permanent. Tattoos, implants, pins in your leg, etc. But most people would consider all of the above “permanent” due to the amount of work required to remove them.

Scarification and branding etc are permanent, at least at this point as far as I know.

Scarfication definitely isnt always permanent, I used to do it in high school and almost all of mine faded to the point you cant see them.

Skin graft. Boom, new skin.

I did consider that, and you would know way more than me but… Don’t they take skin from other less critical places for skin grafts?

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I’d also argue that

Is a body modification :rofl: as in wouldn’t necessarily count undoing it, is it seamless? Literally? :sweat_smile:

Sure, but like i said, implants aren’t generally permanent. They take less time to remove than they do to put in.

When working with medical device designs and testing requirements for things like cytotoxicity, dermal irritation, etc. there are 3 classes; limited contact (<24 hours), prolonged contact (24 hours­30 days), and permanent contact (>30 days)… so basically if it’s going to be in or on you for more than 30 days, it’s considered “permanent” in the eyes of medical device regulators… not super relevant, just thought it was interesting.


I may be hopping on this thread a bit late, but I just wanted to say…

I myself am also quite young (Eighteen exactly) so don’t fret; your not the only one within the teens in the community. But with that, you still come off quite younger. So here’s my suggestion; wait a while. For me, it was about a year of contemplation before I got my first implant. I ran everything through with my parents and such, and despite some concerns they were comfortable with it.

And as others have said, a magnet is a different story compared too normal RFID Implants. If I recall, most sensing magnets are off the market due to coating issues. Amal explains it great here.

And when it comes to magnet’s, you don’t want something cheap. When it comes to implants in general, you don’t want something cheap. Always makes sure it’s high quality and other’s have reviewed it beforehand.

I feel if it came from DT, I could trust it. Not so sure about other places.

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Yeah, DT Is the one site I’d trust for these sorts of things. I was more of referring to other salers in general.


You have cooler parents than mine, If I had brought up the idea of implants when I was 18 I probably would have been considered insane.