I want to be superhuman

I am new to all this. Please show me what I can be and do. Please.

I’ll tell you this right now, you’re not gonna become a ‘Superhuman.’ I’d suggest reading the following Wiki Posts for some information…

A lot of them share the same general information, but they are a good read. You’ll want to understand what your ordering before you make any decisions on what to put in your body. Don’t want a useless chip in you after all.


Before we break the illusion with cold hard facts, I’m curious what type of superhuman abilities you’re interested in?


depending on what ‘superhuman’ abilities you want, we may be able to do alot or very little.
Opening doors with the wave of a hand: yes (depending on door reader)
Flight: unfortunately not
Mind reading: sadly not yet
Payment with a wave of the hand: Soon :tm:

And nobody mentions magnet implant?!


Maybe a xG3 magnet can be something that is close to a superhuman ability that you can easily demonstrate to a friend by picking up things.

Magneto is to the X-Men universe, images (81)
What Aquaman is to DC


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If super human abilities are the only goal, then all the OP needs is a handful of Meth and a dozen Viagra.

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Awh, don’t do Magneto like that. Couldn’t he exert some level of control over the iron in people’s blood in some canon? I feel like that’s at least a step above fish conversations :joy:


I don’t need augmentation. I was born superhuman myself. I know cuz my mama always said I was special. So did my teachers at school, and the bus driver, which was more worrying :slight_smile:


I know the tech is ready but the industry isn’t. But implant payments have been “soon” since 2017, lol.

The technology and the industry have been ready for decades. What isn’t there is the will of big established players to let fledgling innovators in the field of implantable devices in. At least that’s my understanding of the problem.

My understanding was that it has nothing to do with fledgling innovators and everything to do with the massive PR backlash if any of the players, big or small, incorporated implant tech. Just look at the international backlash over a company in Sweden implementing a completely voluntary program and even paying for volunteers to be implanted.

I’m totally against forced implantation. But if my company said “Hey, we’re using DESFire in our vending machines, cafeteria, and door access. If you want an implant, we’ll totally pay for it.” I’d be the first in line to jump on it.

Hmm, true that. Didn’t think about the negative PR aspect of it.

Plain forced implantation is a no-no of course. But isn’t offering people an incentive to get implanted also a form of coercion? I don’t think implants for payment, or accessing buildings or any other function, will make it with an intact image in the eyes of the general public and regulators if there’s any factor influencing the decision of someone to wear or not wear an implant.