I was planning to get a chip but which one?

Hey so I was looking to get a chip but I can’t decide on which one I want and what features I want it to have. I want to get the best chip with the most functions as the things I will use this for will change over the years, I want to get the ones with the rice form factor since they are easier to get implanted and cause pain. Which chip has the most functions with the highest amount of storage(for an image Vcard for example). And is overall compatible with most things. I was planning on getting the xDF2.

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I’m new, but have you checked https://dangerousthings.com/chip-implants-101/?
That gave me a good baseline to start researching. Personally I think the NExT or the VivoKey is what you’re looking for. The NExT has both RFID and NFC built in, so you could use it with both LF and HF readers; LF being most access control systems, HF being smartphones and some types of locks and some access control. Really it all depends on exactly what you want to use it for, but the NExT has the most options overall(no cryptographic functions though) when it comes to the capsule implants. Hope I helped, someone correct me if I’m wrong because I’m still learning and I want to get more involved in the community!


But isn’t the NeXT only have 800 bytes of storage while xDF2 has 8kb? But the xDF2 is probably not compatible with everything the NeXT is.

Yes, the implants aren’t necessarily designed to hold files, they’re designed to authenticate or perform instructive tasks(e.g. your phone performs a certain function when it communicates with the implant.). You could hold more physical memory in the xDF2, but it’s only compatible with HF devices and uses Type 4 NFC so it isn’t compatible with as wide of a range of devices as the NExT. In other words, the xDF2 is more for programmers and engineers with specific needs in mind as stated on the product page, whereas the NExT is more for general use by the general public. If you have no need for more physical storage and aren’t developing/programming anything that requires the xDF2, I’d go with the NExT as a lot of devices still use LF technology, and it can do a much wider variety of things by having both HF and LF with Type 2 NFC.

Alright. Another question I had was about the Vivokey Spark. Is it compatible with the VivoKey Authenticator?, the authenticator says it is made for VivoKey flex and doesnt mention the spark at all.
Also is it possible to unlock doors using the Vivokey spark?

I believe it is compatible with the authenticator, but because of the Type 5 NFC, I don’t think you’d be able unlock doors with it. At least nothing available commercially.

So I was wrong to assume that the door unlock is done by using the RFID ID right?, I read an article that said you can make a door lock Arduino that scans the ID or serial of the chip and if it matches something it will open without needing data written to the device? Is this true or will this not work in this scenario?

Door locks can use either RFID or NFC, but most workplaces use RFID as it uses LF technology, so it’s cheaper to implement and I’m general has longer read range. It all depends on what you’re trying to authenticate to - your house workplace, etc.

The Arduino scenario could work but it would take some tech know-how. There are tutorials online for it.

Just a clarification so you don’t confuse people…

It’s not NFC or RFID. NFC is still RFID. It’s a protocol used on top of the RFID transport. It’s all RFID. Door locks can be RFID, or not RFID. What type of RFID is the question. HF such as ISO14443 or ISO15693 , or LF like the EM and HID type cards.


Ahhh thanks for the clarification. I’m still learning lol.

You can unlock HF access control systems that are looking for the UID using the Spark

An Arduino connected to an R522 or PN532 module would read the UID just like a normal tag. Some off-the-shelf door locks will work, but others might not play nice with the Spark. Here is a list of compatible products

Right now nothing compatible with the Spark is currently listed, but if you ask I’m sure the community will help out.


This door latch reads ISO15693 like the Spark

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