I wish I was implanting something today

I broke a toe today. It hurts like a mofo. Suddenly I wish I was implanting another flexNExT, cuz it hurts just as much, but it only lasts 2 minutes, whereas the f*ing toe will last a good long while. What a stupid thing…

While I’m not usually one to poke a guy when he’s down, have you considered…

BTW, have a doc inject some magic liquid for you… momentary relief but could be really nice to get a break from constant pain.


Funnily enough, whenever I stub a toe, it’s always at home where I’m not careful. Are you suggesting I wear shoes at home? :slight_smile:

No need for magic liquid: I have my own supply of extra-strength opioids for my knee. I’ll just do that if it gets too bad - but only then, because the magic effect wears off fast with me.

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@anon3825968 at home…



Speaking of magic - and completely off-topic: my replacement flexEM arrived in less than 3 days. That’s got to be some kind of record from Wash state to Finland. Glad you switched from USPS to DHL. Not that I was in any kind of hurry mind you.

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is it weird to suggest you use the fact you’re already in pain to put one in?

Logic breakdown here: if I did, it’d be double the pain :slight_smile:

wouldnt it only be temporary, 2 minutes at most and then subsiding down to the regular pain of a broken foot?

Someone told me that you can only feel one pain at a time (stupid me as a kid believed that…), so, you either won’t feel the implant or your toe (at least for a short time), following this logic.

I highty doubt it is true, though… :wink:

Anyway, wish you all the best, of course!

I guarantee you that’s not how it works :slight_smile:

Thanks, but no worries. It’s just a damn broken toe. It must be the 15th time it happens to me. I’m clumsy that way…

luckily my friend, a new invention was recently made 10,000 years ago to stop that very thing!

I don’t mean to discourage you, but Amal beat you to that one by three hours :slight_smile:

oh yeah i know i just thought some reinforcement into the knowledge of the existence of shoes is healthy :slight_smile:

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Wait till he learns how common shoes are lol :joy:

I honestly have no issue with it, I love to go barefoot whenever possible, but how you manage to get away with it in a workplace and or gunsmithing is beyond me

Simple: go for it and wait for the reactions. There won’t be any. Better ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. Even in the US - where many people has a huge problem with bare feet for a reason that eludes me - I didn’t really have a hard time.

It’s one of those things that you realize are complete nonissues when you try them for real.

my Employer would have a shitfit
I would genuinely want to watch them not being able to form words

OSHA,glass, nuclear regulation peeps, DOD on some level, various chemicals and glues that are NOT skin friendly
(I’m still the reigning champ at one specific task, not entirely because I’m better at it, but mostly because EVERYTIME I’ve tried to teach someone, they all have massive reactions to a chemical… and I’m over here like am I more resilient or just desensitized to harmful shit?)

People have been written up for their shoes not having enough shoe :joy:

You can even go into 7-11

I’m pretty sure no shirt no shoes no service isn’t just store policies anymore but an actual mandate from either the health dept or some other gov entity

(Because freedom per our previous conversation)

Do it if it’s appropriate of course :slight_smile: At your workplace it clearly isn’t. No sense in trying.

That is a common misconception. There is zero federal or state mandate regarding footwear. It’s only the stores that choose to put up those signs.

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Undid the tape today. Damn sumbitch is properly broken alright.


What an annoyance…

Ouch! Looks painful… wish you all the best :wink:

I thought about it and figured it was probably a holdover from racist Jim Crow laws, but then I looked and apparently it mostly was an anti-hippie thing.