IAR at it again!

So I decided to check out what’s new with the IAR site. Not much except they decided to release a beta X3 with red led.

As I am not getting the blink I so need from Daddy @amal - I decided to use a gift card that I got from work and support the foreign economy.

Also bought a couple of pc compatible readers. They are the best part of this bundle:)

This time around, dude decided to include a non sterile x3 and a non sterile X3led. Cool.

Here the pics


Wonder whether those pcb antennas can be coated in liquid electrical tape?

Yep I’ve done it.
These are going in my work bag to connect to my phone to freak the normies


Good to hear. Thinking of doing this to my acr122 reader but may just heat shrink tube it. Still deciding.

A fudan mifare classic 1k supposedly pre-NDEF formatted, with an LED? Curious how they’re doing that one

Came across the IAR site earlier today while trying to Google the DT site…

They have a picture of a handmade xLED clone on their site. I don’t know if that’s the actual product or just a prototype but I wouldn’t like to have the chip in the picture under my skin.

I have a xshine in my hand . Been there a couple of years now. Nowhere near as bright as an xled but I’m ok with it