iClass Elite copied to iClass Legacy fob issues


I am very new on using iCopyXS and proxmark3 (very old one that I bought like 10 years ago).

long story short!
I have tried to copy the iClass Elite fob using the iCopyX and write to iCE cards and it seems like working ( I mean not sure I never tested it to the reader , all I got was it succeeded message!) Anyway, I have tried copying the copied one (iCE cards from iClassXS) to the iClass legacy one and it seems working ?! ( again not sure if it actually copied fully that be able to access )
My question and problem is I tried to reuse the legacy card as usually you would do and…can’t do it anymore?
Firstly I can’t even get the checking with default keys anymore…I can’t find it anymore!

So my question is

  1. Does anyone know how to find the key again without sniff at the reader?
  2. why was I be able to copy the copied Elite fob to legacy fob? Would it actually work on the reader??
  3. Why the legacy card not be able to find the default key??
  4. Is it really different Legacy fob and Elite fob in blank? I must use iCL for legacy and iCE for elite? I can’t use iCS for iCE etc…??? I mean they made it for a reason for sure, but I am curious that if any other way we can use other blank cards??

Any tips would be much appreciated!!!

HIDs elite system just means the cards are using custom keys instead of the global default iClass keys, that’s why the default keys aren’t working for you anymore

I don’t know off the top of my head how to figure out your elite keys unfortunately

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you could do a loclass attack against elite keyed readers but in unsure about the do ability with an i copy x

the old proxmark could probably do it if updated fw

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Thanks for your time to answer!! much appreciated!!


Thank you so much for your time to answer to my question!!
they have some sniff function but I will let you know once I have real life card to test it and let you know !!
Have a great day!