iClass programming card

Posting here because so far ya’ll have managed to answer all of my RFID-related questions.

I recently purchased an HID R40 iClass reader for use with a homebrew access control system, only it turns out these readers come out of the box with no configuration. Apparently you need a configuration card in order to perform initial programming on them.

I’ve figured out the model number of the card I need (I think it’s a SEC9X-CRD-0-0000), however my challange has been finding anyone who will sell me one. Does anyone know if it’s possible to emulate the programming cards with the Proxmark, or have any leads on someone who will sell it to a mere end user?

Did you look at the HID mobile reader manager app?

It looks like the reader can be configured for weigand or OSDP according to the data sheet. Once the reader is configured it should be able to talk to the controller.

The controller then decides whether to open the lock or not.

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Oooo, thanks for the link! I’ll give that a try

No problem. I have no experience with this product but it is worth looking at the hid global pages about most of their products.

@Zwack you the man! After a bit of fiddling I managed to get that app to program the reader and have successful reads from the HF side of my NeXT. Now onto getting the rest of the project working.


Glad it helped. I just figured they would mention any requirements on their product page and they went on about using that app to configure them.

(They also mention an optional module and another app, but you never mentioned buying an optional module)

Yeah I think the other app is if one wanted to use a smartphone to authenticate to the reader, got that covered with my NeXT :slight_smile:

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