iClass SE Reader: How do I know if legacy configuration is enabled?


I have recently purchased a PM3 from DangerousThings that is still on the way. I am interested in cloning my iClass DP “SE” card. The location uses HID Signo 20 readers which as far as I know… “could” have legacy configuration enabled alongside the SE configuration. From what I currently know from my ProxGrind frequency detector, the readers are only emitting HF. Therefore, downgrading to a LF card will not work in this case. My only possible cloning method (that I am aware of) will be to see if the legacy mode is still active on the reader. Answering this crucial question will determine if I spend additional funds to complete a downgrade clone from SE to legacy iClass.

I have done some reading in the iClass threads of the Iceman discord and have some initial ideas of how I could answer my question once I receive my PM3, but I wanted to ask other, more experienced members for their thoughts as well.

Thank you very much,

Yep, checking to see if it reads legacy blocks is a good first step. You’ll need a RedTeamTools Blank iClass card. Clone blocks 6-9, and try running the card from that.