ICODE SLIX2 anyone?

Hello y’all,

Came across one of these in the wild.

Not familiar with them I pulled the datasheet and found out they have a pretty large memory and some cool functions:

  • 2560-bit user accessible EEPROM
  • several types of password protection, read/write protection …
  • comes in several form factor including moa8

SL2S2602.pdf (544.4 KB)

Thinking it might be an alternative to the ntag, but with more functions and memories?
What y’all think?


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not an alternative ntag but can do ndef messaging, i can’t remember the extent to which you can store an ndef record in terms of size but it would be worth testing a payload >1kb

they’re somewhat common around where i am (uk) i’ve seen them used in all manner of things from access control to under-table pager locators.

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It seam to pop up link automatically, which is neat. I was surprised by the storage size. They are surprisingly cheap so I may “have” to pick a few to play with :sweat_smile:

We’re behind in the US :roll_eyes:
Found it at a restaurant, but they didn’t have the back end up and running yet …

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Ho … and it’s the 2.1mm glassie too …
I’ll have to pick one up in my next order :grin:


Pretty sure it’s not the large memory size though… I’ll have to open one up and remind myself what we made hahaha I’ll update the product page

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Are you familiar with tonies?

Pretty sure they utilize the icode slix2 chip

I also believe it comes in a glassie form as well.

I have quite a few for my daughter, could crack one open but I’m sure it would bring in Armageddon

Edit: I was wrong it’s Slix-L. But it’s still glassie and has that privacy mode feature I absolutely dispise

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I’ll hold on then, I thought it responded more like an ntag, but going through the datasheet, it seam like they rely on the phone scanning it to realize it’s a link and open it. No easy operation with tag writer app that I can see.

I’m a bit confused by it from the data sheet. Doesnt seam really made to access and edit data on it, more for a write and lock type thing …

The memory size is appealing, but I’m not sure how it would work as a secure storage space.