iCopy-X **looks like a proprietary piece of SHIT :Poop:**

An add on for the iCopy-X that may be of interest to some

We’ve just launched the pre-order for the UK for the ICopy-XS… cards to follow. Officially the RRP is meant to be £450 according to the Icopy UK distribution price… we’ve listed it as £350.


Just a quick update and WARNING


It has been confirmed that the iCopy uses a proprietary system so will only work with iCopy supplied cards and NOT with our implants.

But they are not getting my money for a piece if proprietary protected bullshit, they are definitely not getting another $400 for this

iCopy also have this product in their range
The iCS Decoder for ICLASS SE & SEOS

only works with the iCopy-XS

400.00$ USD

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There’s my answer I guess. Not that I’m particularly surprised…

I assume that it is a Software limitation, and I know there are smart enough people out there to “hack” and remove this limitation, but those people are probably also the same people happy with their current proxmarks and also carry a computer with them everywhere they go.

I for one, want something small enough and robust enough that I can keep in my backpack, that is standalone and easy to use.

The PM3 Easy - running off RFID tools on my android is not elegant but it’s OK, Also I am not fully trusting / confident in the reliability of the LF readings I get. HF seems to be fine though


(actually, that is something we see with firmware mismatch on a PC, pretty sure it’s fine but I better check)


I guess I’ll wait for the reply from iCopy and hold my breath for the FlipperZero

ASSUMING iCopy removed their current proprietary protection :poop: , and it worked as well as the Proxmark , would you buy an

iCopy or Proxmark or Both
  • I would buy an iCopy EVEN THOUGH I already have a Proxmark
  • I would buy an iCopy BUT I already have a Proxmark
  • I would rather just stick with my ProxMark
  • I don’t own either but I would buy an iCopy
  • I don’t own either but I would but a ProxMark3
  • I don’t own either and don’t want either

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AGAIN ASSUMING iCopy removed their current proprietary protection :poop: , and it worked as well as the Proxmark , What would your purchase criteria for an iCopy be?

iCopy for use with implants
  • I would buy an iCopy ONLY if it worked with all my implants (including xSeries)
  • I would buy an iCopy even if it only worked with my FlexSeries

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Missing option:

  • I would buy an iCopy only if it worked BETTER than a PM3 with all my implants.

Sorry for reviving an old topic, but I wanted to share my findings. I was hesitant about buying an iCopy-X after reading through this, but I got one anyway. The version I got was the iCopy-XS, and it was able to write to generic MIFARE and T5577 keyfobs that I purchased from Amazon. It also works great with a chameleon.

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doegoxx wrote a stellar piece about how to configure cards to be accepted by the uk-icopy devices.


That’s actually good to know. The whole reason I have not gotten one yet is because I could not use generic cards.

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So we stock the EU version, which is unlocked and does not require manufactures cards for the common cards (Apart from iclass etc). https://labs.ksec.co.uk/product-category/icopy/

This was not made fully clear by the manufacturer when released or really now either.

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So the US version is the locked one good to know, and not a huge surprise there.

it’s called “how to be a piece of shit tech company”


Given that the uk version isn’t locked, might be worth the long shot question

Could it do magic mifare commands? Guessing probably not… but who knows

yes it can write to gen1 magics


It is basically a Proxmark3 with a small Linux computer attached as far as I can tell. So it can do anything a PM3 can.

Does anyone know if it can do anything that a Proxmark3 can’t do?

…is there anything 125khz/13.56mhz the proxmark can’t do?

I have yet to really come across anything I cant clone (Save for the obvious) with my proxmark3 I really just want the icopy for quick in the field cloning rather than pulling out my laptop. The iclass decoder has me intrigued as well, but damn they are awfully fucking proud of that thing with a 400 plus price tag.

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eh there’s a handful of domestic access control the proxmark can’t conquer but most of what’s common is hackable

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UK not US

Other Way round, the UK is locked and the EU is unlocked.

It’s really common with enterprise/business cloners to have some restrictions in place. The proxmarks/Icopy-xs has been making a big shift in the market against this however.

They offer both versions so they’re better than some other companies.

Detect, clone, emulate with buttons much more easily. It also stores the cards on the device and the firmware updating process is more straightforward and easy. You can still use a proxmark client on it however.

This is the main selling point, alongside ease of use overall.