ICopy-XS: I just received icopy xs! HELP

I just received my ICopy-XS. It worked nicely. I was able to scan couple tags but some it didn’t work on. I am a pentester If any of you familiar with this tool and open to help please message me.

I wonder if its possible to scan tags from distance?

Open to tricks, tips, comments, suggestions, full usage, repose, configs, self testing, etc etc

Thank you

Maybe 1” ? Probably less

I don’t own one but there are a couple of visitors that have them.

But, @KaiCastledine is probably a very good source of info.
He sells them, and deals with people who use them, (may even uses one himself) so it’s likely he has some practical in the field use cases, even if some of it is anecdotal.

However it is Christmas time, and he also has a business to run, so im not sure what sort of reply you can expect…if any

Have you searched for an iCopy Forum/discord?

There is an iCopy channel on IceMans RFID Discord
here’s an invite

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Thank you so much @Pilgrimsmaster

Yes, That’s how I stumbled upon this forum.

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They’re not long range devices. They’re easy to use for close range and onsite scans/clones. Long range stuff you’d need a Proxmark RDv4 with long range antennas or another devices

Since they’re a pen tester, probably looking for something like this…

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