Idea for a new product: KBRApp

I think an app that acts as keyboard and scans + types NFC tag IDs, like the KBR1, would be nice to have. A KBRApp.

There are multiple options to connect a HID, bluetooth and USB.
I think a bluetooth version would even be possible without rooting the device! (Cuz there are apps to act as keyboard.)

No, I don’t wanna develop it, but I’d pay $4,99 on the Play Store. :wink:

Not to be confused with a KBRApp that types it into the phone (but that’s already possible with a rooted phone & NFC Tasks).

There are a few apps in the app store that can scan in the UID. It also adds the : so it isn’t the best I have found.

I also would pay for this keyboard app that worked better.

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If you’re on Linux, you can use the SiRFIDaL server with the keyboard wedge client. It’ll do exactly that.

EDIT: nevermind, I just realized you were talking about a cellphone app. So, not SiRFIDaL :slight_smile:

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Tasker will do it with the cellphone’s NFC reader, on Android.

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“Configuring an Android device as an external NFC reader for SiRFIDaL”

Oh shi*t this is awesome! Y nevermind, this seems like what I wanted :smiley: (just less convinient)

Okay, so… Let’s see if I understand correctly: you want to use a cellphone as a keyboard wedge for a PC? :slight_smile: In that case, yes, SiRFIDaL will do it. But SiRFIDaL is more generic than just doing that, hence the added complication.

It’s not that complicated though :slight_smile:

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Yes you do understand correctly :slight_smile:
Yeah sure, but a KBRApp that you connect as a second keyboard would be even simpler.
I went NExT for a reason, I wanted this ‘hacky’ stuff and I’ll def. get into SiRFIDaL! Still a KBRApp would be cool :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Sure. I’d help you if I could, but I know zilch about developing on Android.

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