Ideas for Hidden front door antenna

So I’m working on setting up my own door lock and opening system for my front door. My biggest hang-up right now is finding a reader that will function through the door trim. So I figured I’d post it here and see if anyone has come across a reader that would work well with the NExT implant.

Did you take a look at the ?
People can use it through windows, might work for the door aswell.

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There are a few options in the Google sheet spreadsheet, Bu I agree with Yeka, the xAC may be a good / simple / cheap / reliable option.

I’ve been just waiting to move before implementing that.

My approach is to get it through the wall, hiding the antenna behind a thin layer of plaster (which is the outside wall).

The best antenna I got there was a Wiegand reader… but just as much as it’s range was amazing, it’s reliability was trash.

I’ve tested another bunch of readers, inclusive of “extended range” ones… but all I get is more “sideways range”.

So my next step is to test an ACR122u stripped to the bone and test how much more juice I can pump into it (“overclock/load”) and see if the range gains a bit. (Similar to how I got the Wiegand to get a great range)

Can keep you posted, but it’ll take me a while still. being swamped with work atm!

I live in an apartment building. no windows to use it through. >.o

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i think the ID-20-LA is a good option without much hassle. reliable reads about 2 cm read range.
I coupled it with an arduino and has been working for 3 months now without any problems.

currently i am working on the ID-3 but then there’s the struggle to design the antenna yourself, i came up with a “cylindrical” antenna, very small as in 3 cm long and 7mm wide, with about 3-4 cm read range. still trying to improve on the design :smiley:

I embedded a 1st gen xAC in the molding around my garage door. Unless you know where it is, you would never know there is a reader there.

And now everyone knows I have a reader there. lol.


Thanks everyone for the great info. This really helped me get a good plan together for my next bout of trials. I’ll try to post an update later this year after the new house gets built.

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