Ideas on what to do with an old implant?

Basically what the title says, I have a used NExT implant that is not in my hand like it should be and is obviously no longer sterile. It is still functional and I want to use it in ways that would be minimal in terms of footprint and also seem cool to other people as well.

I was thinking of putting it into something like a bracelet but that is not really any improvement over my magic rings in terms of convenience. Any ideas would be appreciated as I am not a very creative person and haven’t seen or thought of anything that really resonated with me.

Thanks in Advance!

not specifically you’re request… but

I believe @amal has said here and there, that a chip ( not magnet) could *probably survive a trip through an autoclave,

in theory you could take it to a local shop, have them autoclave it, ( it comes out sealed)
make sure it still works

have the piercer install it


cool, watching cyborg prime do it is about as much proof as you can get

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Wie injected glass tags in the end of climbing ropes to store data about the rope in them

For example date of purchase, stretching factor and so on.

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