Ideas on what to do with an old implant?

Basically what the title says, I have a used NExT implant that is not in my hand like it should be and is obviously no longer sterile. It is still functional and I want to use it in ways that would be minimal in terms of footprint and also seem cool to other people as well.

I was thinking of putting it into something like a bracelet but that is not really any improvement over my magic rings in terms of convenience. Any ideas would be appreciated as I am not a very creative person and haven’t seen or thought of anything that really resonated with me.

Thanks in Advance!

not specifically you’re request… but

I believe @amal has said here and there, that a chip ( not magnet) could *probably survive a trip through an autoclave,

in theory you could take it to a local shop, have them autoclave it, ( it comes out sealed)
make sure it still works

have the piercer install it


cool, watching cyborg prime do it is about as much proof as you can get


Wie injected glass tags in the end of climbing ropes to store data about the rope in them

For example date of purchase, stretching factor and so on.


Destron Fearing chips are factory sterilized with ethylene oxide gas. This is a popular technique since it doesn’t require capital investment, and won’t damage implants; veterinarians’ offices tend to use it despite the slightly higher cost per batch compared to autoclaving.

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I guess that it depends on the country but how likely is it for a veterinarian to sterilize something for a random customer?

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I have no idea, but the worst that’ll happen if you ask is they say no, probably.

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I would put it in a neckless or a sick looking earring kinda like this but a cyber punk look.

Secondly, why is it not in your hand? Did the implant process not go as planned or was it removed for some reason? If it was a bad instal, and not an issue with you, or the implant you could take it to a good piercing shop and they could clean it up and put it in for you.

I posted it somewhere else here some time ago, but I think it’s fitting here :wink:
That’s what I did with my old flexie when it came out of my hand:


Behind the frame is a reader, so it can still light up :wink: