Ideas to make a house "magnet friendly"?

I’ve heard of people sticking a magnet to their phone so they can sense it in their pocket, and I’ve seen boxes that require magnets to be opened. Do you have any more magnet related stuff that one could add to their usual life, to profit from a magnet implant as much as possible ? For example, an electromagnet that sends pulses when you get a notifications on your phone ?

Edit : a bell tower like clock system should be feasible, something which would “ring” at each hour, then one time each quarter hour

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I want this. I’ve been thinking about it, you could take inspiration from the implanted headphones thing (on I think?). My newb brain thinks it’s basically the same setup just more power and other frequencies right?!

Maybe you could fit something in an ultralight gaming mouse and put a coil under the keyboard?

I fear you’d just fry all your electronics tho.

Let me know if you do it, I’ll copy you :stuck_out_tongue:

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