IDEC KW2D RFID reader ... a new possibility?

Hello DT,

Just got a mailer about the new IDEC KW2D RFID reader/identification.
With a price tag starting around $250+ it may not be a go to yet, but if they are getting into the game, other PLC manufacturer are not far behind …
Might eventually become a useful reader for DIY access system or integrated with PLC system.

If anyone has used them, let us know how it works.

IDEC KW2D series smart RFID

A few “features” (copped from their website):

  • KW2D supports 13.56 MHz high frequency band (Type A, F or V Standard)
  • Supports EtherNet/IP (adapter) and Modbus TCP (server) for seamless communication with host device
  • Designed to work on metal surfaces used at factory automation sites
  • IDEC or 3rd party Tags/Badges

You obviously haven’t bought a lot of specialized RFID equipment :slight_smile: This is rather average for this sort of device. Average enough to have me interested.

Not a ton, but i am cheap …But i have spend a lot of $$$ on PLC equipment and 250 for a sensor is about 1/4 of what i usually spend … Commercial stuff is crazy expensive.
If i can find and program a development board (arduino type/esque … I need to get an ethernet shield …) to read ethernet over IP (or a raspberry, it already has the RJ45 connection) it would be a great way to get what im expecting to be a decent reader. Ive had good experience with IDEC in the past …

What are you after exactly? Specifically an ethernet or PoE RFID reader? Or just one that does networking of some kind?

Nothing specific in mind … yet …

It came across my invoice and thought someone might like it … I’ll see if I can pick one up to mess with.

Also please note the IDEC programming software is about $250-300 for the base version.

Ah… Yeah well, if it’s not PC/SC-compatible or serial or anything else with a publicly-documented API and it’s proprietary - i.e. I can’t do without their utility - it can fuck right off.

I’m gonna dig a bit deeper see what’s what.

I totally agree!
I have a point of contact at IDEC, when I get a minute I’ll email this week and see what they can share and report back …

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