Identity theft Victims Device

My project goal is to research ways an Installed device can be used in proving and recovering identity after identity theft has occurred. Im looking for device suggestions, benefits and capabilities. In no way do I consider myself tech savvy but Im eager to learn more as I embark on this new tech journey. Your thoughts, opinions and time in this matter are greatly appreciated!


Is the idea to identify who the owner of a device is, or some way to use a device to assist someone who is a victim of identity theft?

If the former, something I’ve done is to place a NFC tag inside of something I own, use a phone to write a business card to it, then either password-protect the tag or set the tag to read-only. HOWEVER, the chances of someone actually recognizing the tag and attempting so scan it are slim to none, especially if the outer casing of the item is opaque and there’s no markings hinting at what to do. (There’s a security company around where I work that uses NFC tags as “waypoints” or something for their security guards, but they just leave them out in the open without any safeguards, since they just look like little white stickers.) So I mostly just did it for fun.


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Remember when @Rosco messed with those things?

Please don’t tamper with the NFC tags used by security companies, the guards might get in trouble if they don’t work!


Definitely not messing with them. :wink: It was just surprising to me when I scanned the tags and found that they were completely unprotected against tampering. This is at a college campus, so any one of hundreds of students could have an interest in NFC and decide to rickroll the poor security guards.