Identiv NFC-Enabled Body Temperature Measurement Patch

“monitoring by […] government”

Its funny its not a new tech by anymeans but people refine and improve to make it “tuned” for this specific purpose.

I bought some stickers a few years ago that where for wine bottles exactly the same idea. Scan with phone and you could check the temp or if you had a big wine celler you could set up a long range scanner and scan the inventory looking at the temp across the room.

I can see a patent dispute coming up…

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It’s worse than that actually: it’s global governmentS. It’s an illuminati conspiracy man, I’m telling ya!


This is why I love rosco :sweat_smile:

Would it be a patent issue? Ones a sticker ones an implant.

Well let’s see: say you invent a coffee machine, and I start selling the same product but that works on 24Vdc and stands on a tripod: do you sue me?

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I didnt realise it was a full tech patent, on temp reporting over NFC. Nice patent to have, someones going to get in shit…

Incidentally, you have to marvel at the number of companies trying to cash in on the coronavirus situation. Identiv with their patch thing, Microsoft with Teams… Everybody is trying to get in on the act, and doing as much virtue signaling as they can to avoid looking like opportunists. It’s kind of obscene actually.

Even silly old yours truly managed to be surprised by a couple companies over this the other day: I’m developing a product around the xBT, and when I approached them to find suitable readers, and explained that I need to get the temperature data off of the implant without going into details, ALL of them replied “Oh yeah, a temperature-sensing gizmo to detect sick people. Clever!”

They all assumed that’s what I’m working on, without even asking for confirmation, as if it was completely obvious that I too was trying to profit from COVID-19. Amazing…


yeah… however… usually (not always), these types of things are handled at the OEM part level… so like… let’s say NXP makes an NFC chip that can detect and report temperature over NFC… so typically NXP is the one to pay a tiny license fee per chip to the patent holder. That cost is worked into the price of the chip. That way designers and end customers don’t have to dick around with patent issues… it’s all handled by purchasing the chip from NXP… now if you were to make your own solution that did this somehow… like with an FPGA or something… then sure, lawsuit time… just as an example of how this stuff typically works.

yeah… it’s really just… ugh…