(**) Identiv uTrust 3720 F HF+LF reader review

This is a mini-review of the Identiv uTrust 3720 F HF+LF reader:

This one is a PC/SC reader that can read 13.56 MHz NFC tags and 125 kHz RFID tags.

First off, I tested it under Linux. And get a load of this: Identiv managed to forget to declare their own product in the Linux driver’s manifest. I kid you not! If works fine, but you need to add 3 lines to /usr/lib/pcsc/drivers/scmccid.bundle/Contents/Info.plist.

Here’s the patch:

--- Info.plist.ORIG	2021-10-04 19:22:37.202057753 +0300
+++ Info.plist	2021-10-04 17:19:52.679798941 +0300
@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@
+		<string>0x04E6</string>
@@ -144,6 +145,7 @@
+		<string>0x5612</string>
@@ -202,6 +204,7 @@
 		<string>Identiv uTrust 2190 F Keyboard Smartcard Reader</string>
 		<string>Identiv STC4 Dfu Adapter</string>
 		<string>Identiv STC4 Dfu Adapter</string>		
+		<string>Identiv uTrust 3720 F HF+LF CL Reader</string>


Re performances:

Absolutely nondescript in HF mode. It works okay with HF flexies, less okay with HF glassies of course but still decently. The HF side is on par with the uTrust 3700 F: okay but nothing to write home about.

As for the LF side, the performances are abysmal: it reads a flexEM 1/4 " off the surface precisely at a spot just under the center logo, but not really anywhere else. And if you tilt the flexEM just a little bit, be prepared to be frustrated. As for LF glassies, it won’t pick them up however hard you try.

To summarize: if this was a native American product, it would be called Dances With Difficulties.

Price: 119 euros.


  • One of the rare affordable PC/SC dual-frequency readers
  • Decent price and decent performances for use with full-size cards


  • Pathetic driver support under Linux
  • Meh with HF implants
  • Super-meh with LF implants
  • Not worth the money with implants