If I let my boss program my nfc implant for the hotel locks can I later undo it and get control to the tag back? xNT

I have an xNT NFC chip in my right hand and I would like to let my boss program out keys for the hotel doors into it as I’m in the maintenance department but ik I will eventually leave the job and I dont want to just lose access to that tag after that. Will I still be able to use the tag if I format it with an app or will it forever be locked?

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You can always edit whats on your nfc chip, just make sure it’s not password protected with a password you dont know

I was just worried about some stuff as it says it’s like irreversible. I was just concerned about that.

I was going to answer this for you,
I think it is best you answer a couple of questions first which will make explaining it to you a little easier.
How many access cards are you issued with?
Are you issued a new card for a room every time you need to open one?
Is your card updated for access everytime you need new access to a new room?
Do you have access cards for different areas? General areas, roof access, boiler room, pool, gym, conference etc.
Are there different staff profiles on the access system? ie. Managers, Maintenence, cleaning, etc
Are there time access profiles. Cleaners from 0800 - 1600 , managers 24/7 etc.
Hopefully, you see where I am going with this…
If you can answer these questions and explain how your system works we can actually give you a more accurate and specific answer than just a generic one.


There us one card for every door. They allow you to open any door but unlock the custom keys which only work on one door and for a short period of time.

Ok, I think I get what you mean, but not 100%
So you have one card, that allows you access all doors except some specific areas?
Your card also allows you access to a “key press” to access other cards with limited access to those specific areas?

if I am correct in my understanding, you have in your hand an implant that can allow you the same access as your issued key card has (as long as it is compatible with the hotel system ) but regardless, it can only be a replacement for ONE card.

The next big thing is, do you know if your xNT is compatible with your work system?
if so, let’s call your xNT Unique ID (UID) 12345
and your issued access card UID 09876
If your manager is willing to enroll your xNT, they would remove 09876 from your access profile and they would replace it with xNT 12345. (actually scan your xNT into the system)
When you actually leave that company, rather than handing back your key card, because you already have, they delete your profile and your access with it.
You then start your new job with you xNT 12345 still in your hand.
I hope this makes sense.
if not, just ask.
The more information you can provide the easier it will be to help.


I’m surprised… usually there are “manager” cards that can open all doors (or almost all doors).

You will definitely want to use the Dangerous NFC app first to disable lock bytes and protect the capability container (page 03). It will also set a password and protect the configuration bytes at the end of the tag, but those will definitely not be used by the hotel key system… so protect your tag with Dangerous NFC and you will always be able to overwrite whatever the hotel key system puts on your xNT.


No I’m sorry. We use manager cards that allow access to ever door. What I meant to say. That’s what I would be doing to my tag. I did go ahead and protect my card. Thank you. I didnt know they had an app.

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I have an iPhone with the NFC tools app installed. Is setting a password to my chip in that app the same as what you are talking about?

You have a next correct?

Basically, you don’t have to worry about the password,
It is there to protect you from yourself.

The DT app protects critical sectors, preventing any other app from locking you out from your own chip.
The rest of the sectors remain available to read / write as you see fit.

NFC Tools does some good stuff, but I would recommend TagInfo for when you are trying to identify chip types

Also TagWriter as an alternative to writing Data Sets