Ikea ROTHULT office entry lock

I wanted a cheap and easy way to gain entry into my office and secure it without having to carry a key.

The ROTHULT cabinet locks from IKEA are horrible as far as security and read range, but are really cheap which is perfect for my current application.

I started by disassembling the current unit and unsolder the RFID antenna. Once unsoldered I had to widen the hole a bit to accept the jumper wires I had to crimp and solder to the antenna

I have a generic office nameplate I have taped the antenna to the back of. I’m using one of my resonant repeater circuits on the front of the nameplate to help the already weak signal to pass through.

Next I need to drill a hole in my door to pass the jumper cable through. Mount the ROTHULT, and the striker plate I need to fabricate.

When finished I should be able to lock and unlock my office by presenting my XSIID. Since it is completely insecure my wife can use any NFC card to present to the nameplate and it will also lock or unlock the door.

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Wait any nfc card? It shouldn’t be so insecure that any presented card works

In my testing…

Any 13.56mhz card will lock and unlock it. Regardless the admin card…

Maybe I have a dud but I’ve seen others have the same issue with this little junky thing

I guess this to mean any iso 14443a card

But still that’s nuts and I have a feeling it definitely shouldn’t be like that. IIRC they at least used to have a list of allowed users toggle able via the management card

Well I would have thought that as well. But I was able to trigger the lock with my nano vna… I honestly have no clue why. Most I can wager is it’s a simple relay and if it detects anything coupling with it, it’s triggered.

It is supposed to allow you to register your own cards using the admin card. But mine will trigger with any card. My phone even will trigger it with just the NFC field it generates.

That’s so strange. I think it’s probably broken or a bad firmware version or something?

The way I understood it is that a properly working unit worked with similar to hotel safes in that you basically are free to register a card with it, then lock it, then use that same card to open it… but there is no master registration process… It’s just whatever card was used to lock it needs to be used to unlock it for that cycle. The next cycle can be a different card.

I’m fairly certain I could hold my dog up to it and it will unlock it.

But if you do some Google searches I’m not alone. It’s perfectly fine though because for what I’m using it for it doesn’t need to be secure.

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Nawww, poor little office…
It probably doesnt help that it is UNsecure either :wink:

Sounds like your door identifies as a Snowflake.

Definitely a snowflake

Must see photos (or video)
:rfid_hadouken: :door: :dog2:

Poochy McSpicy probably has an LF 134kHz Chip, unless youve done an upgrade



Oh, And great little project and writeup thanks.

Oh.2.0 Great use of your Resonant-repeater-circuit, that are cool as fuck. Thanks again for making them available to us


Oddly this kind of security works for an application we have at home… keeping kids out of certain cupboards. Only the wife and I have chip implants :slight_smile:


Exactly my use case as well. Need to keep the toddler out of my office but anyone else is welcome.

This is the one and only time I think I’ll ever get to correct the AI. However unsecure isn’t a word. And insecure does mean without security.


In my defence, I speak English, not American

I should have used unsecureD, but it didn’t fit the joke,
equally nonsecure could have been and option

Nah, there has been and will be plenty of opportunities, I’m still learning


Any 13.56mhz card will lock and unlock it. Regardless the admin card…

That’s so strange. I think it’s probably broken or a bad firmware version or something?

Actually they are that bad. You can open them with anything; even an Amiibo will do!

(skip to 2 min to see the “anything” part, 3 min for the Amiibo)