I'm a molecular biologist

Hello , I’m a molecular biologist, DNA AND RNA specifically, I had an epiphany 2 months ago, about technology like biohacking. I think biohackong is the future also, it too far in the future concepts to most to comprehend. This runs parallel with my understanding of molecular biology making it pdifficult to find a position In my field , as my field is still too futuristic. I’d love work here, and obtain a position here implementing ideas and making them come to fruition. Can I join the team??

Hi there!

Well we always encourage biohackers… the only issue at this point is that we are focused on implantable tech. Under the umbrella of biohacking, there are many fields, including “life hacking”, DNA/RNA hacking, tissue printing, nootropics, and finally what we do - bionics. We are very familiar with and support work done by biohacking firms like BioViva and others working on RNA/DNA hacking… but we are not focused on it as a company.

That said, it’s not outside the realm of what Dangerous Things could be involved in. We can discuss this further, but at this point you might find that taking a position as a biohacker is much like working as a college student… self-starting is critical, funding will be an issue, and pay will likely not be an option for some time. If you’re not phased by any of this, send me a direct message and we’ll chat.