I'm a student at The New School researching bio-hacking and transhumanism and want to hear your story!

I enjoy it as well, but I currently have too little time to dive deep into all that… I still have Ray Kurzweil’s “The singularity is near” lying on my desk, but I really have to take some time to read that. It’s just not something where you read a few pages before going to bed or so^^

Don’t quote me on this;

I seem to recall that was due to his sister. After his death I think she put her own spin on it or altered his unpublished notes…

I’m sure you can go to south America and ask his children

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" After his death, his sister Elisabeth became the curator and editor of Nietzsche’s manuscripts. She edited his unpublished writings to fit her German ultranationalist ideology while often contradicting or obfuscating Nietzsche’s stated opinions, which were explicitly opposed to antisemitism and nationalism. Through her published editions, Nietzsche’s work became associated with fascism and Nazism; 20th-century scholars contested this interpretation, and corrected editions of his writings were soon made available."

Whoever thought this thread would turn Godwin :slight_smile:


I had to Google it. I guess since I brought it up I lost the debate? I thought I was only pointing out dude was a nazi.

I can see what that is getting at, never heard of it before, but now that I know it has a name I can finally tell people about it.

Or I was making a reference to nazi party escaping to Argentina. It was a super subtle one. I don’t even know if he had a son.

Also, for the record, when I said that, I thought we were talking about the other guy. So it is a mute point

Heidegger spewed out a lot of mindless drivel - like most modern philosophers, who either have mental issues, too much time on their hands, or are just plain frauds. But whatever his message, one should not confuse the message and the messenger. Sometimes someone holding nasty or stupid beliefs doesn’t make whatever they say or write any less true or valuable.

For example: Martin Luther was a raging antisemite. Yet a lot of perfectly tolerant Christians around the world happily follow the doctrines of one of the various denominations of reformed christianity his views founded. Newton pursued ridiculous research in alchemy on the side, yet nobody denies his contribution to science. Those people, like many others, were loopy but what they said stuck because it was worth it despite their authors being otherwise questionable.

I dismiss Heidegger because he’s yet another intellectual time-waster, but not because of he was a Nazi. However, I despise him for being both a time-waster and a Nazi.

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Not many people are aware of biohacking which is why many people think it’s spooky. I have also come across people who think biohacking is related to black magic. So, there’s a lot of ambiguity around biohacking. If you’re looking for more information you should definitely attend this event happening on Biohacking- Biohackers Assemble- It is hosting the best biohackers in the industry and they’re going to be talking at length about the world of biohacking. It is teaching in mukabbir school of sahiwal.


Yikes! I’ve only come across the type of people who think that biohacking is something with weird coffee recipes that involve butter, organic smoothies, and other nonsense “natural hacks”.


I definitely consider myself a transhumanist, for many reasons. Having the body that one wants is a goal that should be encouraged. For me, the changes I’ve made have been because I wanted to have it done and I felt it would make me happier. And they all have!

Currently I have one robotic modification, the NExT implant. Just got it yesterday actually! It already feels like part of me, which is a surreal and pleasing feeling.

I also have some other organic modifications too. If you want to learn more you could PM me!


I want to get an implant! Sorry for my naivety, are the implants easy to program? I have no experience with programing lol.

Is there a way to attend virtually?

Hi Wolfizen! I would love to learn more! This site is telling me I can’t pm you. Not sure why? Is there another way we could connect? Also feel free to pm me! Maybe it will work that way.

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If it has to be via pm, I can, but I am sure others here are as curious as I am.


Sure, I can share here!

I’m transgender, and let’s just say my body has been fully configured to match the manufacturer’s alternate prototype :sweat_smile:.

The specific content is outside the scope of this forum, but yeah my entire body is different than what it was a few years ago.

I consider this to be absolutely within the scope of transhumanism. Many don’t view it that way, but to me, the ability to not just augment one’s body but replace it completely is yet another facet of transhumanism.

And if I could, I would totally get a completely different body than even a human! But science isn’t there yet.


Depends on which chip you get. The NFC ones are very easy to use for NDEF if you have an Android phone. iPhones should also work but iOS doesn’t support vCard. Essentially, if you want to store a link to a website or a business card, it’s very easy.

Getting these chips to work with access control systems can be a little harder and in some cases requires getting whoever manages the system to enroll your chip.

I appreciate your openness. I feel people here generally well receive it all, as long as you don’t force stuff.

I personally think it is awesome that people can change themselves to be themselves as they want. I also consider it a win.

That would be neat as all get out.


I’ll be honest I never really gave that idea much thought

I think you make a solid argument, and thus I will consider it part of transhumanism

I do question the wording of replacing your body, and changing it to what you want

I think replacing is more brain into new body, and any reshaping or redesign of existing organics would be augmentation… but that’s semantics


@Eriequiet would never argue those.


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Hey the entire forum couldn’t even form a remote consensus on wether we wanted to form the church of transhumanism, ALL the semantics happened

…I’m not the only one ok sassy finger

…I am also learning that there’s perhaps a subconscious tendency to argue semantics, as a means of showing my engagement in a topic…
…yay being neurodivergent… sarcasm