Im Back, but still not chipped

Hey guys, I’m back, and going to try to be more active again, but I still don’t have my chips implanted, as there is still nobody on the panhandle (of florida) area on the map yet, so this is just a newer post looking for someone who is willing to do it. Or if self installation might be the best route at this point.

Don’t ask this, you know we kinda have to say no.

I can’t remember seeing your old post, did you try to contact piercers that are not on the map? Maybe you can be the one that puts them on the map.
Can you travel further, probably not due to covid, right?

Yeah, I assumed that would probably be the answer, just wanted to be sure that no new methods have surfaced though. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been on.

I did try to contact all the local piercers/tattoo artists, but none of them would do it.

I’m capable of traveling, I just want to try to not have to drive 8 hours to get it done just to drive 8 hours back with holes in my hands.

I 100% understand not wanting to drive for a long time with damaged hands, but FWIW I drove a decent amount the first day with my implants, without issues. After install I had a ton of errands to run, and I was able to carry in large amounts of groceries without pain, for example.

I had 3 put in at once across both hands, and I could barely tell they were in for the first day or two. The tenderness didn’t really start for me until the 3rd day, and even then it was mainly my implant in L2 that hurt. L0 and R0 were never really sore. I would rather drive after implant install than after giving blood, for comparison.

Definitely use your best judgement of course, and everyone is different, but I really don’t think it would be an issue to drive after having implants put in.

Sounds like you did exactly what I’m planning on doing. If I don’t find anything close by, or get any suggestions from others here,. I might make the drive. Especially if others have similar stories.


Welcome back.

I’m not condoning self install, but devils advocate, what’s your reasoning for not?

My main reason for not is because I’d rather have someone else do it. From the videos that I’ve seen it doesn’t look like self installation is hard, but I know nothing about the anatomy of the hand or skin, and it just makes more sense to have someone like a piercer or medical professional do it. Less risk.


Makes sense.

I’m honestly surprised at the lack of piercers who are willing - it’s a quick install and easy money for them. Again, might be fear of messing up, but from my life long experiences, piercers I have known love to experiment.

To be honest, I’d take the stuff right to a walk-in shop, show it to them and get them to see up close how straight forward it can be - People have a hard time saying no to money directly in their face.

Also, on the site, There is documentation to help “professionals” to understand the process.

That’s what I did. Well I didn’t take the stuff in but I brought the resources online in printed out. The physical stuff is sealed do it didn’t make much sense to bring it. I think it is that the pierces don’t understand what it is, and that it is a weird(though simple) procedure.

Just to get things clear - are we talking about a flex install or just the usual pre-loaded-in-a-syringe-xseries-thingy?
I can understand every piercer not willing to do a flex install, for it is a different procedure, but a piercer not willing to shove a needle into your hand really surprises me.

The needle. I Believe it was the ultimate kit that I bought, so 3 seperate implants, though I’d be willing to do them one at a time if the person requested it. I wouldn’t even think of purchasing the flex until I had someone who was guaranteed to install it.

That’s really amazing…
I am lucky enough to have an artist at hand who’s willing to do funny stuff, but I think even my local piercer (who’s a bit less experimental) would be okay with installing an xSeries-chip…
Since you visited different piercers already - what reason did they give for not doing it?

I had one show interest, but I think management said no, and the others I’m not to sure about. They didn’t really give any reasons, maybe I’ll drive around and ask them about it again, see why they’re saying no, but I don’t want to be obnoxious and sound like I’m trying to be pushy.

This has made me think of maybe trying to make a 10 or so minute video to quickly explain everything to a piercer, such as what the chips are, why someone would want them, and the actual procedure

thats not a bad idea - i fear with the state of the world as it is, you may also be combating the 5g/tracker fear - whether thats what they think or not, the risk of someone coming back saying ‘implanted against my willllllllll11111’ might make them edgy.

I always forget that people actually believe that, hopefully some simple waivers would be enough to cover this though.


Hmmm… do you frequent any of those studios regularly? Are you experienced in piercings or bodmods? Some might not do this to a “stranger”, but if you show you know what you’re doing, your chances might be better…
So it might be a really good idea to explain to them as much as you can, and if they refuse, try to understand the reasonst as good as possible.

I don’t frequent them, as I don’t really have a reason to, so I’m not sure how to become not a stranger, or how to explain it outside of just walking through the process.

lol, or get a tattoo and bring it up casually while you are getting inked up
"hey, since we are already breaking my skin, can you stick these in me too? that’d be super cool :slight_smile: "

That’s not that bad of an idea. But then that brings the dilemma of what to get.

I get your point :wink:
Thing is, many piercers and modders are becoming more and more cautious because of people sueing them, media spreading stupid stuff, governments basically shutting them down and all that, so it comes down to a question of trust - on both sides. My own flexie was a nice example for that - usually, my bodmod-artist wouldn’t implant something non-sterile, especially not since he never saw that chip before, and it was pretty big for my hand. But he knew me, and he knew I could think the risks through, make an informed decision about that, and we both would see it as an experiment that might or might not fail.
For a “random customer” coming into his shop, he wouldn’t have done it - the risk of something going wrong and for someone blaming him for it would be too high.

I don’t think there is much risky stuff going on with a regular, small glass chip, but if the piercers just don’t know them yet, they might just think in that direction, dunno…