I'm new! I'm new and I don't know what to do!

If you don’t have the gym card helping to choose is impossible atm, but I’d guess that the NExT would suit (if you can get the person at the desk to enroll it as your card).

As for the garage, the NExT or xEM would work with the xAC.

For the door I’d guess you could use the LF side of the NExT or it relies on the 13,56MhZ band, where it’s more likely to use a mifare classic 1k card. This would mean a xM1 or a M1flex.

So I’d advice you to purchase the doorlock first, to get a scan of the card.
I’ll advise to get the NExT over the xEM as it one implant, and you could use the HF side for a buisnis card or for your FB link if you can’t use it for anything else :sweat_smile:

I’d also advise to get the field detecting card, it’s usefull for finding out what kind of frequency you are dealing with out and about :slightly_smiling_face:
Even if you won’t need all of them, the bundle packages are a great deal for their price, so consider them over picking individual products.
You might not need all that’s included now, but you might fing a use for the rest in 3-12 months :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome! That means I have been on the right page I have been thinking I would get the “ultron bundle” but not sure about the spark2 not really sure what is does different. I really like the LED aspect of the xSIID NFC + LED Implant but not sure if its the same as the NExT but with an LED or if its something totally different.

UPDATE Looks like as I was writing this as @Sijaka beat me to it and gave you some great advice, No point deleting what I wrote, so it is still here if you want/ need it

It sounds like you have done just the right amount of research and know what you want, and they all sound realistic, feasible and do-able
The guys above have given you most of the answers, so I will try to fill in the gaps
S9 and S20 perfect
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NFC Tools
NFC Tools Pro
you will be able to make your Business card while you wait

For you door access, since you are in the perfect position to buy yourself something compatible right from the start, This community is in the process of developing a door lock, but there is no deadline at the moment
Here is the link to that thread

This is a thread with some compatibility systems, although it may be a little out of date

Samsung used to make the Ezon door lock, but they changed to firmware and is no longer compatible…unless you can find an old one but in saying that, there is a new one released by them that will be available soon / now-ish

Very early in the video
00:00:23 - 00:00:32

There is some other options around, THIS being one of them, there is an implant that is compatible with it

The firearm bit you MAY be referring to is a system Amal made, here is the interview where he demonstrate it while still as prototype

Here are some good videos for you to watch for using the xAC

Garage door


Gym??? What Gym is it, if it is a mainstream / global gym, somebody on here may have the same gym card???

I think that is everything, and we have probably narrowed down your choices, when we get all the info, we can give you actual Implant recommendations, I would however at this point definitely put a NExT in your shopping cart…

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Well good to know that I am at least learning the right stuff lol! Thank yall so much for the help!!! NExT is a for sure thing!

Now…next question… what is the difference in a Spark2 and a xSIID NFC + LED? I am really going nuts about the xSIID because of the LED but they don’t offer it in a bundle

Quite a lot actually
xSIID has the blinky (LED) and 2kB of storage ( currently only 1kB usable, but there is a fix in the mix), you can interact with it via your phone
Great implant

The Spark 2 is a whole different ball game, rather than me explain it
Have a read of this webpage, specifically the Ecosystem and chip implants

If it just the blinky you are after, you also have the HF and/or LF xLED to consider; they do come in a bundle, they are “Dumb” and don’t do anything other than Blinky. and at the moment only red and white LED options

Again it all comes down to what you wan’t to achieve.

Have a look at the vivokey app info and screenshots

There is no point Downloading the app yet because you need a Vivokey to open and use it.
Have a read of the Vivokey info and come back with any questions

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Somebody DM’d me the other day about the Spark, Here was my reply ( No Names and pretty sure they won’t mind me sharing the reply I gave them )

No worries, so, at the moment, This is my stance on it.
The spark has limited functionality, It is built for the future and the future has yet to arrive but once the APEX line is released, some of that functionality will roll over to the Sparks.
There are also some additional Spark functionality being worked on. Ie the business card and profile sharing.
Just think of it as a replacement to where ever you use a password, you would instead use you Vivokey ( The “problem” is, the thing asking for the password, needs to be able to speak Vivokey)
As you said, you have used it as an authenticator for this and the DT forum, so it kind of relies on the other end to intergrate with Vivokey,
Try this… if it is still working??? map.thunderblaster.io
here is the link to that thread FYI
So there is a plugin for discourse ( what this and DT Forum uses ) so if there was another Forum you were involved in or had your own you could add/ or get plugin added and use your Vivokey to login securely.
The “other end” can be a third party, but it can also be yourself, I don’t imagine you do, but if you had your own wordpress Webpage, you can build it in for that. https://wordpress.org/plugins/vivokey-openid-connect/
Or an API, but pretty much if you aren’t a developer, you kind of need to just wait and more things will come you can use them with.

That said, currently, it still has some good uses.
Do you have spark 2 or Spark Original
Spark Original supports ISO15693 so you can use it like your NExT- xNT but with ISO15693 devices that the NExT cant do
Spark 2 you can use very similar to NExT -xNT so you can use it with compatiable ISO14443A things ( eg, you enroll your NExT - xNT with Work access and you could enroll your Spark with your Gym access )
You can share your Contact details ( Sorta ) if somebody scans your Spark, they will see whatever you allow them access to in the form of links… as you have done by RickRolling or you could send them to your personal webpage with CV etc…

There will be more functionality coming, We just need to wait for it.

I hope that helps to clarify things a bit


Well I did it! I just made my first order! I have the Ultron Implant Bundle coming, going to put the NExT in and learn how to use it and when the Apex comes out probably get it. The NExT will be able to open things, and the Apex (from what I understand) could be my “wallet.” Really nervous and excited at the same time lol. Thanks for all the help everyone! Can’t wait to be apart of the family!


Where are you going to place your Spark?

Also, Awesome! It’s an interesting feeling being a cyborg. Although, as much as I would like a sweeet mechanical arm, I enjoy my real ones.

So just a “basic” cyborg for me for now.


I’d swap my legs out for cyborg ones in a heart-beat if the tech was really ready for that. My arms… debatable.


Strongly believe I could run way better if I had cyborg legs. I would also add an oil slick option.


Not sure yet if I am going to put it in or not. As of right now my plan is to wait for the Apex to come out since it is basically the Spark2 on steroids lol. Might keep the Spark2 as a backup… might sell it… not sure yet.

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If you sell it let me know.

From what I understand, it will be able to tie into your vivokey system, and could act as a back up. I would suggest installing it for that reason only.

I believe someone here considered putting it in their leg for that reason.

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Will do!

VERY interesting… Have me back thinking again now lol. My biggest things I want implants are: access places (doors… truck… house… gun… motorcycle… ect), share contact info for personal and work, and to replace my wallet. But from what I have read there isn’t a chip for payment yet but the Apex will have that. ???

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In time it will.
It will be 100% capable of it, but on the initial release it will likely be regional.
“inconjunction” with Mastercard so hopefully that relationship helps it expand globally.
AGAIN this is pure speculation, and there could well be more available on release.
There is no specific information. but at a guess, go to the fidesmo webpage and look at the countries that their payment function is available in. That should give you a fair guess. Germany and a couple of Scandinavian countries from memory.

The APEX line is more than just a payment implant, it is, in it’s own right a powerful and capable chip than can on its release and in the near future be capable


@Pilgrimsmaster gotcha. But for someone like me that is super new to all this, I’m not sure what all the Applets do (or really even what they mean in that aspect lol.) I still have a lot of learning to do but about all I know about it is that it is the only one that could be possible of what I want down the road.

I’ve got my fingers…


Damn, if they don’t support Visa, I may not need it anyways.


these are my assumptions and best guesses
Vivokey has a “partnership” with Fidesmo, that is what THEY (Fidesmo) have in place.


Fair enough, some of the applets you may never use, some of them will be things you didn’t know you wanted or needed, but they will help with your day to day security.


Also… Perfect opportunity to learn some new skills! Learn how to write apps for it then… Code yourself!