I'm promoting bio-chip implants for the upcoming Ripple 2023 CBDC hackathon

There’s a lot of mass hysteria and religion brainwashing on how evil implants are, and I want to promote the goodness and technology of it all for the upcoming Ripple CBDC hackathon and maybe bring a lot of people here too. I have been doing hackathons now for 4 years now in-person and online. I recently also joined devpost this year my profile: Michael G. Inso's (MiChaelinzo) software portfolio | Devpost recommended from a past Ant-media server team-mate and friend who I worked with for a multipurpose ant-media application. Currently this month I have TIDB hackathon, but next month I will be working in the project for Ripple CBDC hackathon and I will probably use dangerousthings product since also I have experience with it and have multiple products from them, the chip I will be using for market is probably walletmor, but I’m curious if I can work with XSIID since it got a cool LED effects when scanned or in-range with hf 13.56 Mhz, I’ve seen the reporter video online where he uses NeXT Buzzfeed Reporter Implants Payments Chip In Hand | CNBC - YouTube to pay but that is unsecure but I don’t mind being unsecure for the moment since this is just a prototype/MVP.


I’m not sure what you plan on doing with the chip but isn’t an Apex more suitable for the job? With the ability to run applets and cryptographic functions. Or are you using the chip purely as an ID?

Also I used to be a dev in crypto gaming (more on the gaming part) and was at multiple hackathons. If you’re looking for teammates I might have some contacts for you.

The chip implant will be used more for payment integrating XRP, and yeah I will probably use apex too, what works best. Awesome I worked with crypto-gaming/metaverse too! and also cool you can pm pm/email me their details.

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Ok, as much as I think payment is the future of implants. The Bible tends to specifically point ot transactions requiring the mark. So religious people tend to FREAK when you make payments with an implant. The business card capabilities and cryptographic functions seem like a better thing to show off. Also, NATK with an Apex makes everyone want one.

I saved this when I ran across it a couple of years ago. I cannot cite the source as I am unable to find it, but I thought it was a logical, fair comfort regarding implants being the mark.


What is that?

As someone who used to be Christian I think this is the best description of Revelations. I also think that there’s a lot of Christians that don’t think critically and pick and choose parts of the bible and unless you can somehow convey this information well to specifically Christian people you’re just going to scare a lot of people.

Edit: I do really want this technology but my family is very religious and they scold me daily for just having an xEM in my hand.

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The ideal of leveraging the blockchain technology to revolutionize gaming. Giving every player 100% ownership of what the create in virtual universes and the ability to monetize and exchange it easily.
In reality it’s a bunch rich kids getting richer by selling worthless nfts to broke middle aged guys who are desperate to belong to a fancy monkey club :man_shrugging:
The tech is honestly fantastic. What we do with it, not so great…