Im thinking the chip I ordered probably wasn’t the best option

What would you say is the best cheap for most compatible for door locks, cloning, storing info… AND GO! I ordered the NeXT. Thinking I made a boo boo. Having found out that the NeXT doesn’t have good compatible padlocks and such. Am I wrong?

Pairing up a Lock, Implant, and specific use is tricky. We’re a niche community and there’s not a lot of support out there in the mainstream world. It’s always going to be tough to find a one size fits all solution. That said, the most universal is the NeXT. Now it’s just a matter of finding locks that work for you.

Usually however, it’s easier to start on the other end. Figure out what you want to do / open, then select the implant that matches.


Everybody will have their own opinion.
Personally I would have reccomend the NExT to you also.
There are plenty of products that ARE compatible with the NExT, so don’t focus on what the NExT can’t do, because there isn’t a “one implant to rule them all” but the NExT is pretty close

We are always on the lookout for new locks, including Padocks, just because we haven’t found a good one yet, that doesn’t mean it’s not out there.
Join us on the hunt…

Your NExT was a good choice :ok_hand:

I see ODaily also replied, and yep, I agree with him and his more eloquent and condensed version of what I said