Implant and security keys

I would love to use an implant as a nfc security key for 2fa is this a reality can make heads or tails of any of the info I’ve found online.

The new VivoKey product… it’s coming…


I know I want one, I’m going to wait for the coupling issue thing to be sorted / pre loaded apps.

Is there any options in the meantime?
Can I setup my xSIID to do the same thing? I dont think I can but that would be amazing

You can do 2FA with a dumb chip also: you type your password and you scan your chip’s UID. Technically, it’s 2FA - just a barely more secure than either taken separately :slight_smile:

If that’s enough for you, there are several free and commercial options out there for Windows and Linux. If you want more secure, then yeah, wait for Vivokey.

Yeah I have used that trick for years with my old implant.

Guess I’m waiting for the vivokey then @amal any update on a public release? :slight_smile:

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The upcoming Apex line sorts this all out… the Flex One project is dead. Apex is the future. We’re thinking some time in April or May if everything stays on track until then.

nope. best option would be to store a BIP-38 password encrypted key on an openly readable NFC tag like the xSIID or NExT or xNT… but that’s hardly worth it now is it.



Like @amal said you can make a COLD storage wallet on your chip by following the guide ^^^^

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Someone I know may or may not use a similar method to keep a set of one time use 2FA codes in an Xnt.

If they were too loose access to any way to retrieve a regular 2FA code, they can just get a backup code that’s safely stored inside them.

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