Implant battery? possible upgrade

I am thinking about installing a chip but I don’t want to install one then just a few years down the road find one with a ton of new features or find the one I installed obsolete. is it possible to upgrade the chip via electronically or will I have to have it removed. :s
another question is does the chip run off a power source that either runs out or is there a way to wirelessly charge? or does it not use power in any way. I’m just wondering how the temperature sensing one works.
thanks guys!

Obsolescence is a concern with any technology, but I always say - technology moves quickly, but people and standards do not. I put an EM4102 in my left hand in 2005 and even then the chip was decades old… yet still today I can buy a reader off eBay for $10 that can read it just fine… so don’t worry too much about obsolescence. You’ll be much more likely to install additional chips to expand compatibility, rather than replace an existing one.

VivoKey is the only chip we are soon to offer that will be able to be upgraded OTA (over the air)… software applications can be loaded on to VivoKey via NFC smartphone and mobile app.