Implant close to a bone

I recently got an xSIID in my left hand and am absolutely loving it. The only issue is that it seems too close to the bone. I can feel the implant underneath the skin and I can even move it over the bone leading to the index finger without serious effort.

Should I be concerned? What steps should I take?



Don’t worry about it. I have a xEM right up against both my index and my thumb metacarpals and it’s just fine. The only worry would be if the implant is very exposed and you can easily smash it against something - especially ram it end-first against the bone. Where is it exactly? Picture maybe?

Oh and yeah, welcome to the club :slight_smile:

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What does recently mean?
You maybe can try the toothpick method to fixiate it as far as possible from the bone for a few days.
It maybe makes your body reduce the pocket size and then keeps it at the desired location.
But my NExT is like 3mm from bone and I’m not very concerned anymore.

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Same - My (somewhat L0) NExT finally made itself at home snuggled up near my index metacarpal.

Me too. It just migrated near the bone and stopped there. No issues.