Implant Enhanced Military

Embedded medicine, wow.

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Looks interesting. I feel it could be used widely in the civilian side as a way to dose meds.

I also think it would be hard to have people use one. Not sure how I feel when I can just carry the med with me. Also, I didn’t see how they get it out. I think the theory of it sounds great, but interested to see the trials.

Edit: I was running the other day and thought it would be nice to have an implant over my muscle that breaks down the lactic acid faster so I don’t feel tired as fast or as much.


I assume the stomach device would have built in safe guards; be slowly self dissolving and would release its self over a certain time frame. Perhaps an rf triggered release as well.
Instead of taking a pill a couple times a day or week you would just take one every week, month whatever.

That be counterproductive; high lactic acid levels is one of stronger triggers for hgh release.
The body also recycles the lactic acid for sustained energy.