Implant failure

Hello. 1.5 years ago, in the Scalpelburg studio, I was implanted with flexDF2 Desire ev2.A couple of days ago, the implant stopped being read.Presumably from the cold.Contacting the studio, I was told to clarify this information here. I will be glad of any help

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What are you using to read your implant?
Has anything changed with your reader?
What other readers do you have access to?
What other fault finding have you tried?

Probably not this

Where is the implant implanted?

Use this for reference

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Pn 532,acr 122u and phone.The implant is located in the rim of the palm

All viable options

Could you provide a photo
I think we may have found the root of the problem.

If its where I think it is, that would be exposed to many stresses that FlexDF2 is not desiged to withstand.

Is you FlexDF2 a cooper wire antenna or a PCB one like what is currently available in the store (I assume it is this one (but just to confirm)

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