Implant flexclass in hand

Is it possible/reasonable/safe to implant a flexClass chip in to the hand, specifically between the thumb and index metacarpal bones? I haven’t been able to find any instances online of people doing so.

Thats not really a reccomend location for any Flex implants.
I guess you could probably get away with it parallel with the bone of the index rather than between them as such, but in my opinion, there are better places for them.

Your better bet it from P1 - P4

Save the P0 for a 2in1 xSeries such as the NExT, xMagic or yet to be released NExT2


What do you mean by parallel to the index bone rather than between? When I said “between the thumb and index metacarpal bones” I was referring to P0 and was planning to have the chip sit parallel to the index bone.

What makes you say P1-P4 would be better? The flexClass chip is a fair bit larger than the x-series which is why I thought I would need the large space afforded by P0.

Thanks for your previous response, please excuse me if this reply sounds argumentative. I don’t mean for it to be.

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The Flex implants are flexible, to a degree. Long term flexing/momement is likely to damage them. P0 undergoes a lot of movement on a daily bases. That, coupled with the size of the implant (increasing the chances that you’ll feel it), makes P0 an undesirable location. P1-4 undergoes significantly less movement, making it a better fit for the flex implants.

Parallel to the index finger places the flex implant in an area with less movement compared to between the thumb and index finger. (It’s closer to P1 than P0) So you might be able to get away with it there, but you’re better off with P1-4 like @Pilgrimsmaster said.

Ps. Welcome to the community :grin:


I see, thank you! When I make a fist/play around with my hand and feel P1-P4 with my other hand, I think I feel a fair bit of movement/shifting in P2 and to a lesser degree P1 and P3. I feel very little movement in P4. Should the shifting/movement be cause for concern regarding the initial healing and long term integrity of the implant? I play piano, so I want to be extra cautious with the tendons in my hands.

Thank you very much for the help and the warm welcome! I’ve been wanting a chip implant for a long time and am very excited for it, this community is awesome!

I’m afraid that’s a little out of my depth, so I’ll let someone else answer that. Don’t want to steer you wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said, have you considered implanting it in your forearm? Less likely to interfere with the piano that way.

It is a great community, I’m thankful to be apart of it


I have considered the forearm, part of why I was planning on my hand was fear of hitting a vein/tendon near my wrist :sweat_smile: I am aware, of course, that these are everywhere in the distal arm.

My concern is e.g. if I were to implant superficial to the midpoint of the base of the extensor digitorum tendons and the base of the wrist:

I would be concerned about the amount of movement the implant would be exposed to from the tendons. Likewise for the same location in the anterior part forearm, i.e. superficial to the flexor digitorum superficialis/flexor carpi radialis:

I am thinking P1, P3, and P4 would experience less movement than the prior two locations, but I may be way off base in that opinion and would love to learn why I’m wrong.

I’m now thinking that between the brachioradialis and the flexor carpi radialis:

May be a good spot as far as isolation from tendons and being distal to the arm (which I think I would prefer more than the proximal arm as far as convenience/ease of use goes). Would the proximity to/movement of bones involved in pronation/supination of the wrist make this a bad spot? Would appreciate any input on that and any of the things I’ve said prior in this post. Thank you!

TL;DR: thoughts on implanting below the wrist (anterior and posterior under consideration) and between the brachioradialis and flexor carpi radialis compared to P1-P4?

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Now we’re way out of my depth here :grimacing:
I don’t want to derail the conversation in hopes someone more knowledgable than me can jump in, but I do want to add that it’s not recommended to wear a watch overtop the implant. Keep that in mind if you’re going for a location around the wrist

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First of All, Welcome!

Then a bit of reinforcing of what has already been said:

Glass implants: you want them away from the bones and in the middle of as much meat as you can.

Flex implants: these can be as close to bones as you want, but preferably with the least amount of movement as possible (counter intuitively as to the name)

Happy to elaborate further if needed.

I like your thinking, but ultimately tendon movement should not be an issue:

The problem with movement is if you end up bending the implant over and over.
Tendons moving beneath the implant would not actually deform it. It will just push the implant towards a resting point where it ends up less “touched”. but that’s it.

Remember that we implant in the “middle of the skin layer”. No implant location should be so deep as to cause the implant to be entangled on the tendons enough that each movement bends the implant…

As a reference, I have a P4 Flex implant for around 4 years now (I think? I’m terrible with dates). It even has a custom “LED Flex/Nail” implant that got discontinued because these things are so damn fragile that almost every one failed. Yet, mine is still going strong.
And I climb, work with my hands, practice martial arts, etc… on a daily basis.

TL;DR your concerns made perfect sense, but the actual interaction with the tendons isn’t as intense, because the implants are meant to be completely above them. With a whole layer of skin/pocket acting as a Manteau
(finger placements might be more complex, hence less reccomended)

I would say… it’s a possible location. maybe even further up on the forearm itself.
But it will depend a lot on your daily activities.

For example: for me, I would have f*cked my implant already on the many times I get my wrists on rocks or on a twist grab, or even because of how I tend to rest the inside of my wrist on the edge of my desk while typing.
But it might suit you, depending on your activities…

Similar thing from the external side of the wrists… I had a piercing there once that made me aware of how many times I hit my wrists on… everywhere!

But ultimately, these are only guides and our experiences. your habits should be what really weighs in…