Implant for cloning mifare classic 4k

Which chip will work for cloning a MF classic 4k card? It’s a Rejsekort card used for public transport.
I have seen the xM1 chip, but that is only 1k.
thx in advance

We don’t currently have an option for that, however you should look closely at the sectors of your transit card to see if those sectors above 1k are even used / accessed.

thanks for the fast response. How can i read the contents? I have tried nfc-tools and nfcwriter xs on my iphone (jailbroken for the nfcwriter xs). do you think trying it on an android (oneplus 5t or samsung galaxy x8) would help?

We suggest taginfo but this will only work if your phone supports Mifare classic tags (has an NXP reader chip with Mifare license)

TagInfo on iOS is pretty useless for Mifare Classic, I’d suggest borrowing a mates android phone and scanning there. Do a full scan, and see what the highest block is that has anything other than 0’s in it.

My work ID was also 4K, but they only used a tiny fraction of a kilobyte at the start so I was able to clone it

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good catch

I tried it on my oneplus 6 with no luck, I only got the same info as on my iPhone.

Did you try TagInfo on your one plus?

or MCT