Implant for cloning mifare classic 4k

We suggest taginfo but this will only work if your phone supports Mifare classic tags (has an NXP reader chip with Mifare license)

TagInfo on iOS is pretty useless for Mifare Classic, I’d suggest borrowing a mates android phone and scanning there. Do a full scan, and see what the highest block is that has anything other than 0’s in it.

My work ID was also 4K, but they only used a tiny fraction of a kilobyte at the start so I was able to clone it

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good catch

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I tried it on my oneplus 6 with no luck, I only got the same info as on my iPhone.

Did you try TagInfo on your one plus?

or MCT

Hey, I recently got a NExT chip and was trying to find a way to clone an MF 4k onto it.
Did you ever find a reliable way to copy one?

You cant clone a MF 4k onto a NExT as there is no mifare chip in the NExT. If you wanted to clone a Mifare card, you’d need to have an xM1, and the card you were cloning would need to only have data stored and checked within the first 1kb of memory (as the xM1 is a mifare 1k card and not a 4k).


Did you mean a Mifare Classic 1k with a 4byte NUID? as @Jaroot mentioned above

If you wanted to share a TagInfo dump of the one you are trying to clone, we maybe able to help you out

Ah, rats. Oh well, I just thought it’d be convenient to clone my student ID onto my chip. I work in one of the campus buildings and they recent put access to all the doors we use. Guess I’ll just settle for figuring out how to store a number code that will type out and enter when tapped on a blackboard reader for when they do events.

They may well not use anything other than the UID for access. So it is worth scanning the chip and seeing.

Is this the right part? It doesn’t look like it’s too full on any data.

53-7A-89-AE_2021-06-24 20-40-41_taginfo_scan.txt (21.5 KB)

I am more than happy to be told that I am wrong, but it does indeed look very empty.

You have two options as far as I know. Either clone your card to a magic chip (flexMN?) As that will let you overwrite the UID or persuade whoever is in charge of the security system to enroll your NeXT into it.

Unfortunately most implants do not have rewritable IDs, so cloning the important part is harder.

Might try my luck with talking the campus card services into letting me write it into the system. Their office is right down the hall from the desk I work at.
If I can convince them I to it, I’d be able to unlock the student center and a minority of it’s doors, pay for on campus food and services at registers, sign into events, and unlock my dorm all with my hand
(͡°‿ ͡°)


Sounds like a good plan, and there is a possibility that the system is compatiable with many chips. Your NExT and a Mifare 4k are both ISO14443A so there is some hope.
When you speak to them, scan your NExT at a door, and see if they can see it on their system, if so, ask them if they can enroll it…

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Unfortunately it’s far from empty… sectors 0, 30, 31, 35-39 are all key locked… which is unfortunate because the latter sectors are some of the last sectors of this 4k chip, which means you can’t use a 1k chip in its place even if you cracked the keys.


It is presumably still worth talking to the access control people in case those aren’t being used by the access control system.

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Saw the sale is going on and only just noticed the xDF2 8k chip and it made me come back to thinking of this.
If I got that chip, do you think it would be possible to copy the tag info text onto it and then effectively use it?
Or does being key locked also mean I can’t copy it.

Are you referring to your earlier post?

You have a Mifare 4k Student card correct?
Which has a 4byte UID
If there is nothing written beyond the 1k mark, you MAY be able to write to an xM1 FlexM1 etc.

Do you have a proxmark?
Do you have a test card Mifare 1k ?
If you had a Mifare 1k gen2 you may be able to do it with MCT android app?

Whether another implant would work, will depend on your campus system and settings.
I would reccomend you get a test card bundle, and approach card services and see what you can get enrolled, then get the corresponding implant…

Just some ideas for you to consider

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You can’t clone form/to a DF2 chip.
You would have to ask the person in charge of the system to enroll your chip