Implant for kid?

I have seen some topics where some teens have implants in 13/14/15 years.

I am 44 and have 3 implants (2 xEMs, 1 flex).

My daughter, who is 10.5 y.o. now, wants to have xEM implant too.
In hand (typical place).

Is it ok from medical point of view?

I mean: any/all skin parts are “mature” enough?

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I’m not sure any professional will touch a 10yo for anything like that, most I’m aware wont do anything until 16.
Also hands and bones are still growing, doesn’t seem safe.


You’re asking for medical advice from non-doctors on the internet about pediatric development.

Don’t do that.

Please contact your daughter’s doctor and/or a local pediatric surgeon and/or a surgeon who specializes in pediatric reconstruction of the hand to determine accurate advice. I personally don’t think a ten year old can ethically request an implant, even with your permission, due to not having the mental capacity of experience to consider long term effects and weigh risks properly. But I am not a doctor, and I’m not giving medical advice.


Bit they chip baby dogs and cats too…

I think you should look for a person that knows more about the possible side effects and have a talk with them.

Most piercers won’t do it I think because they can get in big trouble.

On the other side some people pierce the ears of their babies…

Best bet is to talk to a professional medical doctor in my opinion

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im no doctor or medically trained at all beyond cpr so take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

her hands arent fully developed meanig they will get bigger as she grows and a foregin object in there could become a problem if it starts occluding the development and growth of her hands.

for now, i would suggest looking into non-permanenty solutions. there are t5577 chips that can be put on finger nails and painted over, wristbands cards and stickers.


Killing dogs is damaging of property in germany…

It is any big diffence between 10.5 and 13 years old?
13 years have been implanted by amal.

My daugther is by no means “small or little”

On this forum 7.9k members, some of them my have some knowledge.

I mean can we have general disscussion in internet “are vitamins are good” or “can we eat junk food”?

I ask not for personal medical advice for certain person, but rather general question…

None of us are doctors (and the ones that are might not be willing to give much medical advice over the Internet)

But at 13 it is possible that they have finished the better part of their physical growth. At 10 they are unlikely to have.

I don’t know your daughter, so I can’t guess.

Personally I have two rings (one magic, so far unused, and one dual frequency) and they have met my needs.

If she wants an implant you should really consult a doctor about whether it makes sense now or to wait another 30 months.


And people have given general responses.

It seems that you don’t like the responses you have been given.

Yes, there is a difference between 10.5 and 13. Whether that is relevant is not something that most of us know.


But he isn’t asking about baby dogs or cats but a baby goat. He did say “kid” didn’t he?

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the size difference between myself at 10 and myself at 13 is huge. thats 3 years of development growth and such.

like i say im no professional and its up to you id just take into account the placement and how much it mihgt migrate as her hands get bigger


I am open minded person and can hear opinions, that are not conform my position.


  1. If one asks about “laser eye correction for kid” the answer is “no, until 18 years, because eye is still forming”.

  2. If one asks about “cohlear implant for kid” the answer is quite opposite: “best time is 1-2 years old”.

And IMHO cohlear implant is in head, which is much more risky part than palm, and which is growing 1-18 quite sugnificant.

All answers above does not give “absolute no” like in eye correction yet.

Big difference here is that a Cochlear implant is used in cases where a hearing aid is not effective enough. In the case of laser eye correction it is the opposite. Laser eye surgery is only able to correct vision problems for a select set of circumstances and works by ablating away the cornea. And most people can get glasses which will correct for most vision problems.


Short version,

The risk/reward is not favorable,

There is little perceivable reward that can’t be accomplished other ways


There probably is a slightly higher risk for migrations in growing bodies, think I’ve read that here before. Generally these implants are extremely simple, medically.
My personal opinion, if you find a pro that does it, yeah go ahead. My “this is the internet” answer is, reconsider it. Would a NFC ring work?


I’ve always said the youngest I would allow my kids to have implants in 16, the reasons primarily are:

Scars, the implantation leaves a wound that will in most cases scar to some degree and I would want them to understand this and accept that.

Development, children grow things move stretch ect I would be concerned that the implant may move relative to the structures in the hand and cause issue (pain or discomfort)

People, when I say this I mean specifically people like social services (cps in america) being informed and taking the stance that it was surgery or the like.


And nobody who has responded has said that they can give a definitive answer.

I definitely can’t.

If I gave you a guarded “it might be doable, but see a doctor about it first” would you accept that?

Because that is basically what people are saying.

We don’t know, we would suggest seeing a doctor and asking them.

It might not be an issue, it might be one. I honestly don’t know.

We have also made several alternative suggestions, that are worth considering.

(And I even agree with @Equipter post that he deleted)

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this would be my worry too, CPS getting involved as its a relatively large elective surgery


To this, I call fallacy. Never, NEVER, take an open internet forum’s word for granted regarding medical or legal advice without further verification and study. If all it would take for you to be reassured about the lasting implications of driving a syringe into your daughter’s still-maturing hand, one of only two primary means she has to interact with and manipulate objects in the world as she lives her life, and injecting a foreign body with the potential to migrate and interfere with growing tendons and bones is a few accounts here saying “Yeah, go for it”, then I worry for you.

The only source you should be seriously consulting for medical advice of a child is a professional, licensed and accredited pediatric surgeon.

But hey, thats just my opinion.