Implant has shifted

I have a NExT RFID+NFC and this morning noticed it has shifted to be parallel with the webbing of my hand and has shifted to near the base of my webbing. I can’t seem to move it back into place, should I just get it removed and reinstalled?

Unless it’s uncomfortable or causing problems, just let it be. It’ll move to a place where it’s under lower stress and settle down on it’s own.


Yep. Let it be. If it’s causing problems or moves over top of bone then consider removal and reinstallation, but for the most part it will settle where it wants and that should be fine.


They’re definitely right about these things shifting where they want to be. Mine kept moving lower towards my wrist before it eventually just settled. It’s not where I want it but it seems like it’s happy being there…

That said, I hold too many things right across the webbing of my hand for that to be a good place. But if you don’t use that part of your hand and if it’s not painful, it’s probably okay. I’d say… consider things like holding gym bags or Larp weapons or baseball bats.

Do you do that kind of thing? If so maybe have it shifted.

One other thing I guess I should mention is that I’ve had it for around 4 months now, don’t know if it matters that it shifted after all this time. Unfortunately though do to it moving into areas of my hand where I’m no longer getting good reads and it feeling like it’s pinching a nerve I’m likely going to have it removed and eventually reinstalled.

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Sorry to hear that. I think it depends on your skin. I think mine is still moving a bit but it hasn’t been that long and my skin and connective tissue is garbage.

But yeah if it’s not useful in that location, redoing it may be for the best.