Implant ID Change

I have a question for all the implant masters out there Say i am using the access controller (EM) from the DT website and somehow someone clones my implant is there a way to change my UID for my implant that the Access Controller uses? I presumed you would just get a prox3 or something and write but i was not sure if that changed the UID or not.

I am very new to the implant community and green around the gills :smiley:
Thank you all for your support.


Yes you are correct, and you would also want to clear the xAC memory, their (an everybody else’s) access will be cleared, you would then just use the master tag to re-enroll your tag with it’s new UID and anybody else you choose.

Welcome, and a fair and valid question that I don’t think has been asked elsewhere…


Awesome, Thanks for the reply. :smiley: as for the xAC and the master tag lets say i have like 5 or so is there a way to make all 5 have the same master tag?

I don’t think so, but I have a couple in my draw at work, I will do a test tomorrow to confirm… unless somebody has already tried/ an or knows the answer

Thank you :smiley:


To my knowledge, no. But that would be great, I have 3 for my car.

I did see somewhere on the internet but I’m not sure where that someone’s controller glitched and reprogrammed itself to use their implant as the master - they couldn’t figure out how to reset it, so now carry their master and use a different implant to operate the lock. Could be a freak accident or they accidentally got into some special programming mode and couldn’t replicate it?

No idea where I saw it from, I can’t find it again, and not sure if it was from DT or another supplier, but it was definitely visually the same unit.

This was a long post to say I have no clue, but the truth is out there!


I just finished my testing of the One Master key to rule them all, and the answer is as we predicted NOPE
(it makes sense really, anybody with any master key could simply give themselves access to your system) it was still worth a test because, a lot of cheap access systems have design flaws (I think the xAC MAY be German??, so much less likely to be flawed)

At least you can still enrol one implant into all 3… (just have to keep All of your master keys

I have never seen that

I definitely have!

I’ve got one reader in my drivers door handle, one in the passengers side rear door handle for when I’m just putting things in the back of the car so I don’t have to walk around, and one for the tailgate release. I drive a station wagon with cargo barrier, so to put things in here without this one, I’d need to head to the drivers seat to hit the release button.

It’s extremely convenient having all the options!