Implant Installation Question

Since it is a fresh install, can you move it under the skin to where you want it? If you can move it, strap it down, let it heal and implant your xLED when it has healed.
Could you take another photo with:-
your hand on a flat surface
Thumb Parallel with fingers
Use the Paint skill with full effect to mark the position of
The NExT
Bone locations

Then another Photo
Still with hand flat but with Thumb to 90° (Perpendicular) and NExT and Bones Marked

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The bones are the black dotted marker. when taking from these position rather than a relaxed position. it actually seemed closer to the bone when touching it than before.

@Scruffoon Sorry for the delay, I asked for the photo’s 20hrs ago and just left you hanging. image

So realistically, only you will be able to tell ( Or your piercer )

Remember this is purely just my opinion

but looking at the photos, It looks to me, that your #0 Position would be viable for another implant alongside it ( you already know about the 5mm minimum )


I have seen the :orange_circle: entry being used by Professional piercers, I will have a look on youtube for an example for you

Here is one :syringe: :point_right:

I am puely guessing here
A question was asked about the orientation of the LED on the xSIID, and I dont know if this applies to the xLED also, Long story short, they were SUPPOSED to be “LED exit the syringe first”, but the assembly company failed to adhere to Amals instructions. If you want to read about that HERE is the link

I’m actually curious is there a way I can figure out what side of my tag is the rfid and nfc. Do they just drop them in the needles or they tend to have what side is up

I don’t know the answer to this, my guess would be placed in whatever orientation they come.
My reason for this guess, I shouldn’t really matter which orientation they have in your hand.

What side of my NExTis the LF - xEM and HF - xNT?
I haven’t tested this an is purely theoretical ( I am expecting somebody to pull this apart ) but here goes anyway.

Looking at the below ( Speculation )
LF on the Left / HF on the Right ( Looks like longer antenna winding on the left one, therefore LF )

I assume you didn’t look at your NExT before or when you implanted it.
The LF should have a longer read range BUT, It is really going to depend on the reader you use. I would recommend a Proxmark because you can have measured results.
Do you have access to Foil tape, otherwise some tinfoil and tape may do it.
Locate your NExT, do a read of both HF / LF with Proxmark, Record the results.
Then cover 67% of the implant with the Foil, and try a read,

Note the end and result figures, Then cover the other half and repeat.

Compare the results, and you SHOULD HOPEFULLY be able to work it out.

I can’t guarantee this will work, but it would be my first attempt to work it out

I have similar questions about the xSIID, which side the LED is :thinking:

A question was asked about the orientation of the LED on the xSIID, and , Long story short, they were SUPPOSED to be “LED exit the syringe first”, but the assembly company failed to adhere to Amals instructions on some of them, but MOST are. So you will either have to inspect or play the odds I am afraid.

If you want to read about that HERE is the link

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Interesting, thanks :slight_smile: you are like a human index of this forum! :stuck_out_tongue:


You are welcome, I have just read a lot.

GEEZ, I just had a look… kinda sad, but Discourse says I have spent
12 DAYS reading, as in 288 hours…

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Oh wait no really. Let’s say you put the xsiid in right. What if the led is facing down towards your muscle. It won’t be as bright if it was facing up. Curious if anyone has had an issues like that. Or would this even be a problem.

Yeah… 12 days worth :open_mouth:

LOL, you did it again just as I am clicking send you take the words out of my mouth :stuck_out_tongue:

Admittedly I have apparently spent like 21 hrs reading, and I have only been a member 12 days…

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It is end facing not side facing… standby
Shouldn’t be an issue, unless you insert it into the muscle, and THAT is a whole other problem


That is some good figures right there, ~2hrs a day :+1:

I’m only at ~1hr per day

also This image is a good one for your Tattoo question from a few days ago, How to “show off” “Frame” your LED Tattoo


Amal did tell me with the xLEDs specifically that there’s no way to tell which end is which. Toss of the coin!


Cool, Thanks for the Info

Thank you for the help on this @Pilgrimsmaster !!

I will see how it settles in the coming weeks before deciding whether to implant the xLED or wait until the Apex is out and try fit it into the left hand.

This was not done by a piercer, but instead my old man helped me out (not recommended I know, but with COVID at the moment didnt want to go an external shop).

Thanks again mate!

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My guy went in through the orange spot. Worked well… He owns a few (4? I think?) body-mod shops and has done quite a few of these. I didn’t think to ask why, since I would have went in from the other side.

My piercer for my second round of tags did this. He demonstrated this by putting his finger on the green point and moved his thumb around, then did the same on the orange point. Less movement = less scar tissue = theoretically less visible mark. He said the procedure is more awkward for him to do and required a very steady hand, but it’s not about his comfort, it’s about the client. He’s a scarification artist, so I’m inclined to believe him on the scaring topic.

That said, my opinion is that as long as the installer has done it before and is familiar with the procedure, the best method is the one they prefer. I’m going to them because I trust them to do the job more than myself, I’m not going to tell them how I think they should do it.


Well sort of… with the xLEDs we try to arrange the LED to point out the end, but the design of the SIID module means the LED is facing straight out one side of a small PCB while the other side has the chip… so there is definitely an “up” side with the LED facing out… however, in tissue it barely seems to make a difference in all honesty… you get a bright spot regardless.

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Yeah I did wonder that when I looked at the image page
I should have corrected myself

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