Implant Installation Question

Hi All,

I have taken some advice from the forums and read through enough that I am comfortable with purchasing and trying my first implant.

Am planning to purchase the NExT and the red xLED. NExT for purpose, xLED for blinky blinky (if only it came in blue)

My idea for this is to have both put in the webbing of right hand, 5mm apart at a minimum as I have found this is the generally agreed upon distance.

I will be having this inserted by a professional and not myself.

My question is how would you recommend this be done. 2 injections on same hand during same sitting, or 1 injection first and another at a later date after healing? I am hoping to do 2 on the same day and get it all done, but would like experiences from others, as I have none.

I am aware this is a matter of opinion and will not consider this professional advice, nor hold anybody accountable should something happen.


Good choice for a first implant

Indeed it is my friend.
Here is mine,

My logic and reasoning for this is, (As I have mentioned elsewhere)
One sitting = one healing period.
Two sittings = two healing periods. ( why drag it out??? )
Especially since they are going in the same hand; I can understand people considering getting 2 separate sittings for 2 hands, but PERSONALLY had no issues with that.
My image

Blue Blinky, as you would be aware, is available in the xSIID, I am not aware if Amal is planning on more colours for the xLEDs ( Yes, that is how Colour is spelt ( Yes that is how Spelt is Spelt but also acceptable is Spelled )


Thanks for the advice and input!

I dont think I will need the xSIID NFC unfortunately, so cant justify the cost just for the LED to be blue.

Wonder if it would be possible to request a Blue LED in the xLED implant? hmmmm

Thanks again for the advice mate!


Different kinds of LED’s, if you can get them to make a special xLED for you, you probably will have to pay alot for it. And then other people will flood them for requests. I have already suggest the idea of more colors for the xLED and it was said to be an idea they are thinking about. so maybe wait a bit with the xLED?


As usual, impatience has gotten the better of me and ordered both the Red xLED implantable, NExT tonight.

Can see NExT is out of stock but hopefully due back tomorrow (or day after for US as I’m in Australia).

Early Christmas hopefully if it ships out this week!

Thanks for the advice guys


Impatiance made me order the xSIID with green LED

Well, you could get an xSIID for actual Christmas, the beauty about the xSIID is all that sweet sweet storage…

I can’t believe we are talking about christmas in MARCH

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The way this year has gone already of you say that to loudly it will be Christmas

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Haha tell me about it. I still think 10 years ago is 2000 though so…

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Yeaaaah same

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10 years ago is definitely the mid 90’s. Holy hell I’m old.

The 90s and 00s kinda just blur together

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My personal opinion is to het it done in two sitting especially if your job doesnt require heavy lifting. Its similar to getting piercings if you get a bunchnin one area the irritation of the skin and such can cause excess swelling and in turn keep your body in fight mode longer increasing the chance of infection. But this really might not be much of a problem if any they heal really quick, but im of the mind to mitigate as many negative possibilities as i can in life.

That’s true, but to play the other perspective, people get these kinda implants done in one sitting. The body is pretty amazing at healing :ok_hand: (if you treat it nicely!)


The body is amazing in general to be honest


now that I’m getting an xLED along with the NExT and Spark, I’m left with this choice too. I THINK I’ll probably just get them done in one go (NExT and xLED in the webbing of my hand, and the Spark in my arm)… I figure might as well just get it all done so I don’t have to convince myself to go for another stabbing or 2 at a later time in the same area. At least that’s my thinking so far.

I really can’t wait for the darn things to show up so I can get this first batch over-with. I’m FAIRLY sure the anticipation is worse than the actual process will be… but that doesn’t stop my mind from creating craziness and choice paralysis.

Do you donate blood :drop_of_blood: ? Have you ever had a bee sting :honeybee: ? That’s about it. No need to get worked up about it.

I am always an advocate of a “One and done session” :+1:


I hate the finger prick before you give blood, I find it worse than the IV. It takes ages to not hurt if you accidentally whack your finger on something.

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This is my plan for a single session (plus some high nostril piercings at the same time, might as well!). Though will probably shift the Apex from R5 to R4 so it’s not on the blade edge.

I feel like you’re gonna be like the Nintendo64 kid when the DT package arrives at your house. :joy:


I’d deny it… but that would just make it even worse when it definitely happens exactly like that. So… yeah.