Implant Location: Back, between spine and shoulder blade

Hey all,

I have a xSIID NFC + LED Implant ready to go. I have a friend who’s implanted many a chip in between the spine and shoulder blade on one’s back, but he’s unfortunately on the wrong continent to me. I’ve found great resources for implanting in a hand, but not much in the way of other locations. My search-fu has failed me in finding those resources. Can anyone point me in the direction of either tips/instructions for implanting in that location, or in non-hand sites in general?

I’m in Brisbane, Australia. There aren’t any known implanters on the map, and I’m not having much luck securing a friend of a friend body mod practitioner, so I’m going to approach a piercing shop I’ve had piercings done at before. I’d like to present them with as much relevant info as possible.


This should be a good starting point

I suspect the arm installs will help, but it’s not too different from a hand install I’d say. Make sure to avoid veins and bones and nerves and make sure it’s a squishy area… no installer tho.


Would it be possible to have your friend write up a general overview of his installs and experiences? Kinda sounds like he’d be a good source if you could get his expertise documented.

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Hey mate, I’m also in Brisbane. I’ve gotten two implants so far (xSIID blue and xLED red in L0) with Jackie at The Piercing Shop Brisbane. You can ring up and ask to make a booking with her for an implant. The other piercer there does not like doing implants, so just be a little careful over the phone.

There’s at least one other member of the forum here (@fraggersparks) who has gotten implants done by Jackie, and one of my posts here has directed at least one other person to her recently. I believe she also has done implants for other people in the past too, though fraggersparks was her first flex install AFAIK. Feel free to DM me or just reply here if you have any questions about that side of things.

Now… I haven’t heard about her doing any installs other than in hand / arm / upper arm position, so you might want to book a consultation or try to talk to her over the phone about your plans. I can’t guarantee anything, but she’s basically your best shot at getting it done by a pro with experience in Brisbane. From what I can tell, it shouldn’t be too different to installing in the arm / hand as long as the skin can be adequately tented.

Good luck!

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She’s done upper arm for me before.

Anna will happily book a time for you with Jackie if she picks the phone up - they will ask what it’s for.

Ahhh ok, must be one of the trainees interpretations then… had to be called back when I made my booking.

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Hey, thanks.
That’s great news. The Piercing Shop is who I was going to contact, and I’ve met Jackie a couple of times. I’ll give them a call and see how it goes.

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