Implant Location?

In terms of locations in the hand the knife edge is probably the least delicate afaik (not a doctor) as there are minimal critical things in that area especially compared to your forarm…


I’m dreading it. See my last post lol. All about numbing!

Check out
hand section , sub section 5 :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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I have been holding off on purchasing a flex because of this. I have found one spot I can self install, that I would be okay pushing a needle into, and surprisingly, both my knife locations have a vein in them. Not sure how I feel about doing that, and not sure if I can make it to a pro in time. I would rather amal just holds them, than me stare at them.

I agree, but you can for sure feel what you are doing. I am not saying everyone should do it, I am not a doctor.

I do have training in phlebotomy, and I have struck a tendon with a needle before, most people didn’t notice, or they are great at holding a face. It clicks when you are holding the needle, imagine moving a needle across a rubberband, the tip catches and releases. I think it wouldn’t be wise to put one in a place that moves a lot, but install I think would be easier than a hand, you can see everything.

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I just think of how many times I slam that part of my hand into things.
You really wouldn’t want to lose a chunk of your bicep muscle(s) either.
The outside of the upper arm near the shoulder aside of the triceps seems like it be best.

To be clear the bicep Install I think @Moonman0922 is referring to was between the bicep and tricep in the same spot that contraceptive implants are. I was not concerned about loosing a chunk of my bicep only thing I didn’t like was the proximity of the brachial artery.

And I feel like the outside of the upper arm is getting fairly unusable at that point. Also self install would be a nightmare.

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I’m saving my knife edge for when the flex Apex comes out that spots already reserved lol

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Yeah that’s the spot, lots of tissue to cushion it.

I have on the knife edge:

Left: flexDF (the old orange one)
Right: xLED

Knife edge left hand: xEM and contactless payment implant
Knife edge right hand: flexNT

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Looking to install under a loose fitting watch. Any concerns?

Wait at least 6 weeks before wearing that watch

X-series or flex?

Is it a smart watch with NFC / Google or Apple pay?

How do you perceive using your implant? Is it for daily use?

as Amal asked, flex or xSeries? It will probably more be difficult to read an xSeries under a watch or watch strap.
Is your implant HF or LF?

Apex Flex, Not a smart watch, use randomly

How are wearing the watch?
Like a normal person with the face on top of the wrist, or like a psychopath and the face on the underside of the wrist?

In which direction?


Face up so I can align it to the sun.

Top of the wrist.

I can do either position. What would be more recommend?

Personally I would go for red line.

but of you want to do testing, maybe 3d print a test model, like the FlexDF2 here

or just cut out a similar sized/shaped model in thin plastic, and stick it down on your wrist in each orientation to find a comfortable/suitable position.

Ideally you want the orientation to be one that will flex the least