Implant magnet in ear

Hello !
I’ve see in the web someone have a magnet in his ear for listent musique with coil and amplifier. Do you know how he does that and where can I buy his magnet ? Thanks :blush:

Hey bini, welcome to the community

You may be talking about Rich Lee. Several other biohackers around here are still experimenting with that as well. Pretty much any small sensing magnet should work. Unfortunately most of the smaller magnets that are available are not very trustworthy, and the coating fails after a few years. The only magnet that is available from Dangerous Things currently is the xG3, which is a bit large for this job.

Here is a thread about tragus implants and using them as headphones

Currently I don’t have any recommendations on where you could get a sensing magnet.

Thank you very much for the help and the informations. I going to I for le about this.

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DT also has Titan but it’s not avaible at this moment. It would be perfect tho imho